6) On Bended Knee

Today’s lives are hectic and full of drama. Having an ADHD child with epilepsy just makes things even more exciting. As a single mom with such a child, well my life was too hectic to date at all. Diamonds and Forever were just fairy tales told to little girls before sleep.

Then I met my prince. He was a calm force for my son, a strong shoulder for me, and a friend to us first. It started off as just a friendship, waving hi to each other, building up to talking and eventually dinners shared. He witnessed once when Michael was out of control and helped calm him down. Once when Michael had a seizure, Chris (my prince), was there to time it and then again be a calming force afterwards.

And then there were the good times – playing at a local theme park, movies, playing the Wii, dinners, snuggling on the couch. Chris was always respectful of me and time with Michael, but he also made sure that we had a date night at least twice a month for just the two of us. He also encouraged mom and son events so Michael would never feel left out or neglected. Chris would help with homework at times, taught him how to play the guitar. Michael and Chris had a special bond and life was good. But we never talked marriage, so I figured that Michael’s issues and my personal baggage was just too much. I loved him though and would take him however I could.

One afternoon Michael had a seizure that required medical attention. (He was okay, just bumped his head a bit hard when he fell.) We had plans to go fishing and on a picnic that day, but that was changed.At the hospital, Chris was asked if he was the father. He bent down on one knee and asked me then to marry him, allow him to adopt Michael and be my rock in life. He had been planning to ask me that evening – and already had asked Michael’s permission and had the ring in his pocket.

I couldn’t get past that he had asked Michael’s permission. The proposal was hectic and emotional, and completely unexpected.

But Chris remained calm.

We are still a strong family, and he is my rock – stronger than a diamond no matter how often things get tough.


Proposal Story by:

Danielle Abernethy

Brooksville, FL



The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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