6) Love is Beautiful

Well, my story is short, I think keeping it to 750 will be difficult (I’m Irish! LOL). 😛

Anyhow, Firstly: I think this is such a great idea…I enjoyed reading through the stories because everyone nowadays it seems really plans "romantic" or "interesting" ways to propose!! So, it is fun to read the joyful, romantic, unique and fun ways that others were proposed to. Anyhow, not sure that counts twords my 750 words, but with Irish-luck it probably does 😛 haha. J/K.

I’ll share my story. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it. Note to reader: >>>It’s more sweet than a cool proposal read.<<<

I met my husband when I was 15 at my best friend’s sweet 16 birthday party and we really enjoyed each other and I ONLY dated him (vice versa)!! Believe it or not!! My only kiss! (Can you believe it?!) (BTW, I am gorgeous–hahaha!)

Anyhow, at 22 he just graduated from college and was college-broke…just got a new entry-level pay job and still had to pay for his suits, car, college tuition,food, etc…leaving him pretty much "just making it eek." I was 20. I was working part-time for the airlines and trying to find a full-time position with them. So, I also just made "enough." Not enough to have any "savings" per se.

The day he proposed (I was 20/he 22), he took me downtown (Chicago) and took me for a beautiful carriage ride down LSD (Lake Shore Drive, if you don’t know). He was so nervous that when he went to get the "tip" money for the man, he pulled out a large bill and being that I saw it and so did the driver, he panicked and just gave it to the man!! LOL (I was thinking: what an idiot! WHY did he give that guy such a huge tip?! He doesn’t have that kind of money!") I just smiled.

Then, he took me to the top of the SEARS TOWER. Very tall. I was squirmy about being stuck in an elevator all the way up, but went for it :P….not knowing what was next! He put his arms around me and looked lovingly at me and looked nervous. (I was thinking: is it just me or does he look a little pale and clammy??). I just smiled.

We got to the top and walked around, holding hands, looking at it all….the whole "far as the eyes can see" deal. Looking at moving clouds, all the big buildings, all the cars, people, just the whole expanse of the universe that we could see from that viewpoint. It was really something!

Then, in a private area by the big glass wall, he kissed me and got down on his knees (*gulp* I knew!) and said: "If I could, I would offer you all this as far as they eyes can see….but as it is, for now at least, all I can offer you is my heart…my eternal love. Will you marry me?" 🙂 Awwwwww!!!

Kisses and hugs and YEESSS!!!!

(BTW, he gave me a 1/2ct. 6 prong Tiffany-cathedral type of setting in 14K gold, little round channel-set diamonds down the side…which, I knew, was probably every last penny he had saved in his little bank, bless his heart! It was so beautiful…and even more beautiful because I knew he didn’t have that much really…this didn’t come from any "cushy" savings at his young just-starting-out age.)

Now, we just celebrated our 20th year of marriage 2 months ago….we now have 4 beautiful children and survived cancer and 4 out-of-state-career moves…and we still are the same two kids that met at that same sweet 16 party!! It’s funny! We feel exactly the same way about each other!!

(PS: 15 years into the marriage, he ‘replaced’ my diamond with a 3 carat one (I have the original and wear it, too! THAT is "the special one" to me!)….and 20 years later, he gave me the "yesterday, today, and tomorrow" anniversary ring set in ‘real’ Platinum, 2 carats. 🙂 Beautiful and touching as he did it on his own, unexpected TOTALLY, and in a beautiful sweet way…yes, he looked pale and clammy again!! LOL

Perhaps the diamond guy can make a 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY RING contest? lol).)

Here’s to all your stories and to making GREAT ones!!

*ps: NOT sure this meets ANY contest criteria, but I thought I’d share my story. Love is beautiful.

Proposal Story By:

Kelly Ann

Forney, TX



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