6) I Was Good at Being Late

Surprising Winnie is a difficult task since she is so inquisitive and probing. I wasnt good at dating and I wasnt good at giving gifts. But what I was good at was being late. Winnies birthday is June 15th, so I decided to celebrate on June 18th with some belated birthday presents. I go to her house and luckily, Winnie is taking a nap, so I am able to set some things up unnoticed. When she awakes, I give her a plain brown cardboard box. I tried to make things look as though they were all last-minute. The box wasnt wrapped and it was held together by a few pieces of scotch tape. I wrote a note on the box with a cheap ball-point pen saying that because I was three days late, she gets three additional presents.

Winnie opens the box to find a Sharper Image Now You Can Find It key-finder. Its a remote with four buttons that makes four key-rings beep when their respective buttons are pushed. I left the first key-ring in the box so she can push the button to see how it works.

I then instruct her push the next button down to get her next present. She does so, and a beeping sound comes from the kitchen. There are three boxes of pastries from Portos Bakery. In one box is an 11 fruit tart, which I wanted Winnie to think this is simply a belated birthday cake. In the other two boxes are a bunch of cheese roll pastries. A while back, I took Winnie to Portos Bakery for the first time, where we had a couple sandwiches and some cheese rolls. When we were ready to leave, Winnie told me the next time I come back, I have to order her some more cheese rolls. When I asked her how many, she jokingly replied, "50." When Winnie saw the two boxes of cheese rolls, she didnt have to count. I told her she doesnt have to eat all of them, because they would be wonderful snacks for the fellowship the next day at my house.

I put the pastries away while Winnie pushes the next button. A beeping sound comes from the fax machine where hidden next to it is a small white jewelry box. Unsure of what it is, she opens it and finds a pair of butterfly stud earrings, each made from two marquise and two round cut blue topaz gems. The design is supposed to be reminiscent of the side stones of an engagement ring setting Winnie showed me while we were looking at rings several months before.

She pushes the last button and the beeping comes from her bedroom. On top of her dresser I left a card and attached the key-ring. She opens the card thinking its a birthday card. The front of the card reads Time for a Story, with a picture of Winnie the Pooh reading Piglet a story. I tell Winnie to take a seat on the bed, and I take the card from her hand, saying that I want to read the story to her. I pull out a medium sized Winnie the Pooh souvenir box and I begin reading:

"I dont know who

Is this yellow Pooh,

Except for the Pooh

Who is you.

I also say Pooh is not a he,

cuz my Pooh is a she.

And her honey did not disappear,

Because her honey is right here!

There is one thing for me to do,

And it is to say to my Pooh,

This honey is for you!"

At this point I opened the box and handed Winnie a silver honey-pot with a Winnie the Pooh statuette on top and continued the poem.

"I hope you find

That its the sweetest of its kind,

Because I love you,

And in this I will always be true.

Not up in a tree,

This honey has no bees.

No mud, balloon, string, or stings,

Just a bit of bling-bling.

Open your honey now to see,

How much you mean to me,

As I get down on one knee,

I ask, Will you marry me?"

Winnie opens the honey-pot to find the engagement ring and she bursts into tears and laughter and hugs me. We step outside to find Winnies parents waiting for us excitedly. Winnies father prays for us as we hold hands and give thanks to our Father in heaven for this joyous occasion.


Proposal Story By:

Stephen Joe

San Gabriel,


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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