6) Go Where It All Began

My boyfriend and I had met when we were freshmen in college and had known each other for seven years when he planned one of the best days of our lives. After completing graduate school, he was forced to take a job in Ohio over four hours away from our home in Michigan. Over the years as each of us has continued our education, we have had to spend time apart, but we always managed to see each other on the weekends. However, once he moved to Ohio the challenges of a long distance relationship were a lot harder. Even though the distance was difficult we managed to travel back and forth to see each other at least once a month.

The day after Valentine’s Day I received two envelopes in the mail. One had instructions on the outside not to open until 11:15 a.m. the next morning. When I opened the other envelope he had cut out letters and numbers written out with instructions to arrive at a specific address the next morning at 8:55 a.m. Holding back my curiosity I went to bed without checking to see where I would be going the next morning.

When I arrived at the specified address I was excited to see that it was a spa. When I walked in I was asked what I was there for and I said I had no idea! Once I gave them my name, I was told that my boyfriend had arranged for me to get a massage, facial, and to have my makeup done. I was told that he had made special arrangements for someone to come in earlier, so I could be done at a specific time.

After two hours of exquisite pampering, I opened up the second envelope at the appointed time. The paper enclosed was a printout of the web site for Whiting Auditorium (a local theater which hosts Broadway shows, the area orchestra, and various concerts, etc.). The one difference was that instead of just having the regular web page it said Now Showing and had a picture of me along with our names listed for the upcoming shows. The page also read, "Go where it all began."

I then set out for the auditorium where we had our first date seven years earlier where we had gone to see the "Barber of Seville" opera. When I arrived, he was standing at the door and walked me into the lobby and down the stairs to the main floor of the theater. Once the doors opened I saw that all the lights were down except for one spotlight up on the stage. He then walked me down the main aisle and up on stage.

When we were under the spotlight he got on one knee and said that the last seven years were the best of his life and he couldn’t imagine spending the rest of his life without me by his side. He then opened up a gold box that showcased a beautiful sapphire ring (which was exactly what I wanted) and asked me to marry him. Both of our moms were in the first balcony along with a few other friends and family members. He had also arranged for photos to be taken during the entire thing because he knows how important it is for me to capture memories through pictures.

After I said, "Yes," we walked out where we were greeted by our family and he presented me with a huge bouquet of flowers. Apparently the theater, had urged him to come to an upcoming show where they would allow him to come on stage and ask me in front of the entire audience. He insisted (and was correct) that I would prefer to have privacy rather than having that moment shared with thousands of people.

To top the entire experience off, he had made reservations at a nice restaurant in the area where he had made reservations for the entire group. It’s hard to imagine all the coordination that must have went into his plan when he is living nearly 300 miles away. We will be married next year near our anniversary of our first date seven years ago- Leap Day!

Proposal Story By:

Vanessa Ferguson

Mt. Morris, MI


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