6) Boat Ride

The trip started off with a late flight to Boston on Friday night for a three day weekend of baseball and sightseeing. Sarah and I met up with my friend Mike who we were staying with in the city. We went out and enjoyed a fun dinner while watching a baseball game. At dinner, Mike let us know that he had to go out of town for part of the weekend because of work and, since he would be gone and couldn’t use them, he was giving us his tickets for a "boat ride" on Saturday night. The details on this free ride were unclear at best, but he always got free perks from his office, so we didn’t think anything of it.

On Saturday afternoon we made our way to Fenway Park to meet up with my Cousin and my Mother, who had gotten us all great lower level seats to see the Yankees play the Red Sox. After a couple hot dogs, peanuts, and a lot of runs, the Yankees had won the game and we headed back to Mike’s apartment to get some rest. After a quick nap we headed back in to the city for a phenomenal candlelit dinner in Boston’s South End. When dinner ended Sarah and I walked through the city, ending up at the arranged point along the Charles River for the "boat ride" that Mike had supposedly given us. Sarah was pretty sure that any boat trip that started at 11:00 pm was pretty suspicious, but I convinced her that we should give it a try.

When we got to the "boat ride" (which Sarah would later find out, was something I had set up way in advance) we found out that the boat was actually an authentic Italian gondola complete with candles, wine, chocolate covered strawberries, an accordion player, and an actual gondolier. The gondolier took us on a relaxing ride out into the middle of the Charles River. The sky was clear, the water was calm, and the views of Boston were amazing. I had to keep myself from laughing when Sarah commented that "Mike gave us a really romantic boat ride".

When were out in the middle of the river, the gondolier saw something floating around on Sarah’s side of the boat and asked her if she could reach over and grab it out of the water. It turned out that it was a wine bottle. The accordion player said it looked like something was inside the bottle and had her pull it out. Sarah pulled the cardboard tube out of the bottle and quickly decided it was just some piece of junk. After a little prompting, we convinced Sarah unwrap the tube. When she did, she saw that it was actually a rolled up piece of paper with writing on it. Then the gondolier handed her a light and she read the note. Actually, once she saw that the note said "Dear Sarah", she skipped right to the bottom, which read "Will you marry me?" Then she turned towards me and saw me holding out a very sparkly ring that she was immediately in love with, followed by a very quick answer of Yes!

It was apparent that Sarah was pretty shocked and confused that the whole "free boat ride" had been a big cover-up. She had been totally surprised and the night and plan couldn’t have worked out any better. The ride back to shore and the rest of the trip was very relaxing knowing that I no longer had to hide the ring that had been in my pocket since we left for our trip. On the way back to land, Sarah cried when she finally read the rest of my proposal note and when I told her the story about how I has asked her father for permission to propose.

The final surprise I had for her was that we would be staying in a four-star hotel just across the river in Cambridge for the rest of the weekend. In the next couple days we celebrated with family members that were still in town, made some excited phone calls, went to a wine tasting, had a few great meals, and enjoyed the city. I’m pretty sure we also managed to watch the Yankees finish off their five game sweep of the Sox.

It was an amazing weekend to say the least.

Proposal Story By:

Ed Lafayette

Washington, DC


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