6) An Elaborate Christmas Present

Ryan had me convinced that he would not be able to get me a ring until February or March, so when he set up an elaborate Christmas present in December, I did not suspect. We had planned to visit his parents on Saturday, so my day was free. I woke up and saw a wrapped gift and two notes next to the alarm clock. The first note explained that today was my Christmas gift, the other note was my first (of 13) clue on a rolled up parchment. It was a poem that Ryan wrote instructing me on where to go and what to do, using a Robert Frost poem. The gift was a book of his poetry.

The first clue told me to call my youngest sister Mo ira at 10am. I chatted with her, and then her clue sent me to Starbucks. At Starbucks, our friend Matt was there with a gift card for a latte. He and I enjoyed our coffee, and then he gave me my next clue sending me to the gas station to fill my tank. At the gas station, I called my other sister and her clue sent me to get a manicure up the street (gift certificate was at the gas station). After getting my nails done, I called my best friend Chrissy and got caught up with her. After this, I was sent to a new asian restaurant where my friend Amanda met me for lunch.

After lunch, my next clue sent me to the Carnegie Museum of Art – where I have wanted to go for years but never have – and spent 2 hours there with a mutual friend Hayley. I also got a beautiful poster from my favorite artist, Monet. Next, I went to the mall and had 5 truffles from Godiva waiting for me – YUM! I called my best friend from high school, and her clue sent me to pick something out at the Gap. Then I called my parents, and headed to meet Ryan for dinner. We had a nice dinner, and then when he disappeared the waiter gave me a clue to go to the nearby movie theater. I picked out Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (very good!).

Ryan gave me the 12th clue which suggested that we go to Mt Washington, which overlooks the whole city, to take a picture as we did last year. We were heading back to the car, when he stopped me and said “You have had a clue to do everything else today, you need one to go home now.” and pulled out ‘The Final Clue.’ I slowly unrolled and read the poem that told me how much he loves me, and the final lines said “You are the only one I can picture in my life; Don’t say no, please say you’ll be my wife.”

I of course cried, kissed his, then said yes! He pulled out a little box but my hands were shaking so much I could not open it. The ring was a gorgeous Princess cut stone set in white gold with a pear on either side. I got to call everyone because the only people who knew he was proposing were our parents!


Meghan Callahan

Pittsburgh, PA


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