6) A Woman's Love!

Over the next six months I discovered being mad at her was an impossible task. I decided rather quickly that my future had to have her in it or it was worthless. I can’t tell you how exactly we came to the jeweler. It wasn’t a grandiose proposal with hot air balloons and dozens of roses. Over cheese sticks we just casually started talking about churches, wedding parties, and then a ring. Looking at the prices I soon discovered I was not prepared. In my naive manly mind we would pick out a ring. I would pull out a couple hundred dollars and she would have a ring that matched her beauty. Wrong, was I. The carat, shape, size, clarity, and configurations were overwhelming. The price for the ring, that I felt barely compared to her beauty, would be more than I could save in a year. My Harley and the down payment on our new home had taken every bit of my savings.

There was no way I would wait a year to wake up beside my wife. She sensed my predicament and of all of the rings picked the cheapest plainest one of them all. "This is the one", she said proudly! Honestly she really was perfectly satisfied with the pinhead sized single diamond. For days I was perturbed at the situation. It certainly didn’t help that there was a jewelry store on the corner by my office. The most immaculate ring sat glistening out the window. Everyday I awoke after dreaming of that glistening diamond and shinny gold band. Then I had to walk by the ring she should have gotten, the ring she deserved, the ring I wanted to give her every single morning. After the forth day it was too much. I said goodbye to her. I stroked her body one last time. "One day we will reunite when the time is right. When I can afford you then I will come back. Goodbye my baby". I handed the dealer the keys and sprinted to the jewelry store with cash in hand. It nearly killed me to wait until she got home. Impatiently, I waited to hear the water run in the bathtub. I knew she would put her ring in the jewelry box to take a bath. As she reached back in and pulled the six carat platinum diamond band out I almost cried. The man in me stood strong and said, "oh it’s nothing" as she squealed and cried. The only thing in the room that sparkled more was her eyes.


Proposal Story By:

David Rowell

Foxworth, MS


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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