5) Time Capsule of Love

At the end of the summer, my boyfriend, Chris, told me that some surveyors who were doing work at his next door neighbors had found a marking on an old map of the land and believed that something was buried there. About a month later, he told me that the surveyors figured out that the map marking actually marked a spot on his family’s lot. (All of this land was previously owned by the Gould family farm in the late 1800s.) Chris said that the surveyors did some research and thought that this map marking may mark the spot of a time capsule. He said that he was curious to see if something was actually in their backyard and that he was going to try to ask around to find someone with a metal detector.

On the Friday before Halloween, Chris told me that his next door neighbors had received a letter from the surveying company explaining that they believed that there was a time capsule in his family’s backyard and where they thought it was buried. On Sunday, October 31, Chris and I went to his house to have lunch with his parents and then to go to a haunted house for Halloween, which was something that I mentioned I wanted to do. On our way to their house, Chris called home and after speaking to his parents told me that a friend of theirs had let them borrow a metal detector. After lunch, we decided to go to the backyard for a "treasure hunt" with the metal detector.

Chris and I started using the metal detector in the area that the surveyors believed the "time capsule" was buried. We finally came upon something and Chris dug it up. It looked like the lid to something. I was not sure if it was actually a time capsule or just the lid to a manhole or something. He began digging around it and I could see that it was a box of some sort. I got so excited and told Chris to wait as I ran in the house to get the camera. I got the camera and started taking a bunch of pictures because I was convinced that we had made some historical find.

Chris pulled the box out of the dirt and we opened up the box. At the top of the box were "old" papers bound in rope that read "The History of Andover, Collected by Samuel Gould." There were old books and various other antique things in the box. There was also a pocket watch in the box and I said, "We can take this on Antiques Road Show!" As we were pulling everything out of the box, I said, "Is this for real?" Chris said, "I hope so." Luckily, I was not facing him so I didn’t see his reaction.

There was a smaller box inside of the "time capsule" with a letter in it. Chris began to read it saying, "To the explorers, you’ve found this time capsule," I said, "Wait! We should call your parents and read it to them over the phone too because they’ll want to hear what it says." Chris said that we should just read it and then we could read it to his parents later. Chris continued to read the letter while trying not to let me read ahead. He skimmed through it and got to the last paragraph. The letter mentioned that they couldn’t preserve love because it was intangible and they wanted to challenge us to preserve the love between us for the rest of our lives. I was still completely oblivious to what was actually happening until I heard the date "October 31, 2004." I thought, "How could they have known the date that we would find this?" Then Chris read on and the letter said, "If you are willing to accept this challenge, please use the engagement ring enclosed in this box." I finally realized that he had planned the whole thing for me. He got down on one knee and I asked, "You really planned this whole thing for me?" Chris said, "Yes, I wanted to do something special and surprise you." I was definitely surprised and Chris thought that I was a little disappointed that the time capsule wasn’t real. But I thought it was the perfect proposal for me. Chris had also arranged for a limousine to pick us up and we went out to dinner and to a haunted house.


Proposal Story By:

Akari Matsunaga

Fort Lauderdale, FL


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