5) Through All of This…I Love You

I met my best friend, now fiancee’, five years ago. Our children went to school together and became fast friends. If my daughter was not on the phone with his son, his son was knocking on my door. Through the years we became good friends never thinking that maybe we were meant to be together. About a year ago we noticed that we longed to be with one another more and more. Our friendship bloomed into a wonderful romance, we fell deeply in love. We are totally opposite yet completely the same ( if that is even possible). A couple of years ago I found out that I have several medical problems with my spine, osteoporosis , arthritis in the spine, bone degenerative disease. I had disk replacement surgery in my neck and need more on my lower back. I suffer 80% nerve damage in my arms. Through all of my problems, broken bones, swollen limbs, numbness in arms and legs, He has been here to help me through it all. He helps with the cleaning of my home, the caring for my children, paying bills, massaging my aching arms legs and back on a daily basis. He does all of this for me out of love, and he does it all with a smile in his eyes and warmth in his soul.

On Valentines Day I saw into his heart and knew he was my one true love. It began the night before Valentines Day. We sat together watching movies at my home. Every commercial that came on the television was a commercial telling men what to get their loved one. I looked at him and said, "you know I never understood women who needed this to confirm their husband or boyfriend’s love, I don’t ever want you to go into a grocery store and buy me flowers or a card filled with someone else’s words! He said, "I never heard a woman say anything like that before, what on earth could I give you then?" I told him he gives me everything I need every day we spend together. The next day in spite of the pain, I prepared a wonderful meal with candle light and my first taste of wine. With us there is never a shortage of conversation but I could tell he was a little nervous. He slid a card across the table and I looked puzzled I am sure because of our conversation the night before. He said, "Baby, I know you didn’t want a card but, I wanted you to know how I feel."I opened the card and inside scribbled in a childlike manner were these words ( I will spell them correctly for you ) "To the woman I am in love with. I know this because I feel it inside my soul. The feeling I get when your eyes gaze into mine. I felt it the moment we met. I knew we were meant to be together." "How about this, you are beautiful, smart, sexy and my one true love" on the next part of the page he had drawn a heart and inside wrote, "you have an appointment tomorrow at 10 am at the spa. All Expenses paid." I was next to tears when I finished reading what my love had written inside a blank card. When I arrived at the spa I received the royal treatment ( the massage I must say was the best part! ) I decided I would get the hair cut as well. While my head was tilted back during the shampooing I noticed they seated someone next to me for a wash as well. This persons head was covered but whoever it was kept reaching over and nudging me. I was growing annoyed at having my time interrupted when I looked over to see his beautiful smile. He was sitting there, head soaking wet, soap dripping down his face and smiling like a child. He held out a small box, Inside this box was a tiny engagement ring. He dropped to his knees right then and there with soap in both our heads, and said, "This ring I have here is small I know but, the meaning it holds is as big as your heart. I love you baby and I want you to be my wife. Will you please do me the honor of marrying me?" I said, "YES" everyone went "wild." He said he loves me, and I believe he honestly does.


Proposal Story By:

Marsha Pavlovsky

Carrollton, GA



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