5) The Poem and The Sweatshirt

I have been dating my girlfriend for 2 years in a long distance relationship after meeting her at School in Iowa and moving to Texas for a job I had already accepted before meeting her. She is a practicing Catholic and I a non-practicing Lutheran. I didn’t know alot about Catholics, but learned along the way. While we were both still in school for our first Valentine’s Day together I bought her a special sweatshirt that she had had in high school but had been stolen after getting details about it from her family. I also wrote her a poem and memorized it telling her on that night.

I called her mom after buying the ring to ask for her permission and had a wonderful talk with her (my girlfirends father passed away when she was 12).

I started taking courses to become Catholic and then on Easter weekend I flew up to Iowa to have my final ceramony with her as my stand-in sponsor in her hometown church. I became Catholic in a suit that we had picked out together in front of all her family and friends, her boyfirend now living Texas. Then after church I asked her to go for a private walk in her hometown park (town of 250 people). We walked to a bench swing and I had her sit down on it. I knelt down beside it and recited the same poem that I had wrote for her on our first Valentine’s Day 2 years before. I then asked her to marry me and showed her the beautiful ring that you created for us. I had picked it out myself from the book you had given me and from the small details I was able to get from her during our 2 years together. She was so surprised that she said "of course (not yes)!" I put the ring on her finger and we went back home where her family was waiting for us (I had told them before of my plans). It went great.

Also I have never played guitar before (or sang in front of a crowded church), but I am learning to play and will play it during our wedding, the same song that her dad had picked out for her mom during their wedding, "Annie’s Song" by John Denver. Her mom’s name is Anne Dorothy and my fiancee’s is Rachel Dorothy.

Proposal Story by:

Lee Mason

Spring, TX


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