5) The Mile High (Proposal) Club

I had just finished spring finals at Purdue University. The week between finals and graduation is a "senior week", during which I traveled to Houston, TX to visit my boyfriend, Eric, who co-ops for Texas Instruments. I spent the week with him, and he was going to fly back with me for the weekend to attend my graduation. We were both excited that this would be our first trip on an airplane together. We have dated long-distance for two semesters (too long!) and I always hated saying goodbye at the airport. Over three-fourths of the way through the flight, Eric goes to the bathroom and I begin flipping through a magazine. The Captain comes over the intercom and gives his flight status-spiel, "This is your captain, we are flying at 25,000 feet, about thirty minutes from Indianapolis…ladies and gentlemen, if you could please all direct your attention to seat 16B, this is where Eric is now proposing to his girlfriend Molly." I didn’t even comprehend what exactly was going on. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. I turned my head to the right, Eric was on one knee in the aisle of the plane, holding a little black box open with both hands. In four words he lovingly asked, "Will you marry me?" I was in utter shock and amazement, after realizing what was happening I said, "yes!" and over one-hundred total strangers applauded and gave hearty congratulations! One male flight attendant stopped by with a Vodka-Cranberry and said to Eric, "Buddy, you are gonna need this."
The captain announced, "By the way, Molly said ‘yes!’" More applause! It was truly amazing, I didn’t think Eric would be able to surprise me with the engagement, but he sure went above and beyond my wildest dream! We even got a picture with Continental’s Captain Eason in the cockpit to remember the wonderful flight that changed our lives.

Molly Dodt,
Indianapolis, IN

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