5) The "Date"

The running joke between the two of us is that I have never formally asked Jocelyn out for a "date". After spending a year with her, I knew she was my true soul mate and finally asked her out on a "date". She thought it was kind of odd, but I told her I wanted to do it and to make it truly memorable. I asked her to ready a good pair of walking shoes for the day and to pack an evening outfit for dinner.
It was a beautiful sunny day in Los Angeles as I arrived to her home. I presented her with a large bouquet of rich red roses, a box of chocolates, and three envelopes. We would open each envelope at the appropriate time. The first envelope directed us to the picturesque Huntington Library Gardens in Pasadena.

As we drove to our first destination, Jocelyn seemed amused about our first date. She was relaxed and listened happily to the CD music playing – it was a compilation of her favorite love songs I had made just for this date. Once at the gardens, we spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon exploring the Japanese Tea and Zen Gardens, recharged ourselves with scones and tea at the Rose Garden Tea Room, and admired the many roses in full bloom in the tranquility of a California afternoon.
As we left, Jocelyn opened up the next envelope. It directed us to the Four Oaks, a French restaurant. After a quick stop to my place to change, we continued the date and soon arrived at the restaurant. A huge single oak tree formed by four separate trunks shades the restaurant. Inside, we enjoyed a romantic candlelit dinner, soothing classical music, and gazing at each other. I couldn’t believe the date was almost done!
Finally, the third envelope was opened. It thanked her for the wonderful date and indicated that we should return to her home where I would present her with a couple gifts.

Once home, I presented her gifts. The first was a little cute paper frog prince complete with golden crown. She laughed at that. The next was two porcelain Precious Moments dolls – a girl, with pencil in hand, sitting on a stool and a boy on his knees, with a sign that says "please choose – yes or no", and a little jewelry box exposing an engagement ring.

Jocelyn cooed at that sight – "Awww – how cute!" My heart stopped a couple beats. She continued, "But how come nothing is checked off?"
"Because she hasn’t answered him yet." I replied nervously.
"Maybe because he hasn’t asked her yet" she instinctively answered.
With that, I took her hand, dropped to a knee, and looked to her eyes – "Well, I’m going to ask you now." As I proclaimed my love for her, she was crying, eyes full of tears.
Finally, I said, "Jocelyn, will you go on a date with me for the rest of your life? Will you marry me?" I removed from my pocket a black velvet jewelry box and presented her with an engagement ring.

That was our first and last date as two single individuals. We are now a happy married couple!

Davis Liu
Sacramento, CA

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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