5) The Computer Tech

Jonathan and I met through a strange set of circumstances,
which all started with a problem with my Internet connection. Eventually,
the computer company had to send a technician to come replace a
part in my computer. At the last minute, the job was handed to Jonathan,
who doesn’t usually handle the calls for my area. As soon as I opened
the door, there was an immediate attraction, he was exactly what
my dream guy would look like! Needless to say, he ended up staying
three hours at my house, trying to fix my computer, while we talked
nonstop. Unfortunately, the problem couldn’t be fixed, and he had
to come back four more times with all kinds of different replacement
parts. Finally, he shyly offered to come by on a Saturday morning
to try some extra things "off the clock" to fix it. A
month later, we were in a committed relationship.

Then, on December 12, 2002, after a very stressful day at work,
I called Jonathan to vent. As I was rambling on and on to him about
my bad day, I kept driving to my apartment. When I walked in, I
was shocked to find Jonathan sitting on the couch in my apartment.
Everything was completely cleaned up, the lights on the Christmas
tree were twinkling, and soft opera music was playing. But still,
I thought he was just trying to do something nice for me.

As I went into my bedroom, we continued talking, but he kept sputtering
things like, "I never get any email," and "I really
wish I got more email." Finally, since apparently I wasn’t
getting the hint, he blurted out "Hey, did you get that email
I sent you?". I thought it was strange that he was so obsessed
with getting email, but I dutifully check my Inbox anyway. Turns
out, he had sent me an email with no subject, just a link to a website.
I clicked on it, thinking it was a funny cartoon or an article he
thought I would like.

Instead, a pink website comes up with a banner across the top that
said: "Elaine LeBlanc, Will You Marry Me?" On the center
of the website was a picture of him, down on one in front of the
Christmas tree holding the ring out! At the bottom were two choices
(Yes or No) that were written in Greek, he had researched my heritage
to make it special for me, too! I starting shaking, completely in
shock, so I clicked Yes, and a pop-up window appeared that said:
"Great!!! Now turn around and give me a big kiss!!"

So I turned around and he was behind my chair, down on one knee
with the ring in real life. It was just a perfect proposal from
my sweet, shy technology guy. And I couldn?t be happier my computer
refused to get fixed so we could fall in love!!

Elaine LeBlanc,

Orlando, FL


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