5) Our Story is a Little Different

He was a soldier, stationed in a small city in Europe. Close to a small town I lived in. We met and almost never made it to our first date. He was sent away, only days before our first date and never made it to our dinner.

One month later we walked into eachother on the street and started talking again. We started dating and where very much in love for the next two years. The thought of us being apart was terrible and so ,we spent every free minute together. He bought a car, shortly before Valentine’s Day ,so we could see eachother without using the bus.

On Valentine’s Day, during our dinner-date, he proposed to me and I was the happiest girl in the world. After talking about it, that evening and the days coming, we realized it wouldn’t be easy to get married. Our young ages and the fact, that he was a Soldier and I would have to leave my country some day was hard on us. Yet, we still spent all of our time together. Everyday his car was parked infront of my house.

One day, he didn’t call me a usual and hours later I found out, that he was involved in a serious car-accident. He was in a coma. Although I wasn’t officialy his family, they allowed me to visit him. I stayed by his side night and day. He was slowly waking up, but had lost all his memory due to the head injury. He had no memory of names, faces, the accident or even how to walk. The military transfered him to another hospital in the U.S and I said goodbye to him that day. He didn’t know who I was, but waved to me.

7 horrible months passed without hearing from him. Between tears I would just ignore the world. I came to the conclusion, that I would never see him again. He had forgotten me and maybe his memory never recovered. One morning at 3am, my phone rang and I decided to answer it. Thinking it’s a prank phonecall I picked up and heard a voice, that I did not recognize. Seconds later, I realized it’s HIM. His voice had changed, but I knew it’s him. I screamed his name and cried out loud. He found my phone number in is wallet and remembered everything about us again. After talking for a few minutes, he suddenly asked, "I remember that we wanted to get married——do you still want to marry me?" I answered, "YES." 8 weeks later he was standing on my doorstep and we got married within the same week. This was almost 10 years ago and we still spend every free minute together -as husband and wife.

Proposal Story By:

C. Gonzalez

Clarksville, TN


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