5) Ok, So Where Do We Start?

Here is a little warning; you should buckle your seat belts as I begin to take you on a long ride!

Jen and I met on Match.com and even though it does sound cheesy to meet online – but it was the best $34.95 I ever spent. It all began with a simple e-mail to her that started with the simple phrase – "I think you have a nice smile ." To my surprise, this worked and we spent close to a week e-mailing each other back and forth, back and forth. After a weeks time we then graduated to text messaging, then to phone calls and then eventually planned to meeting each other for the first time. After the initial greeting, a few minutes later we both realized that the conversation was going well and there was no static trying to communicate. We spent hours at the restaurant that night enjoying each other’s company.    

After our first date, we could not get enough of each other and from then on we managed to spend as much time as we could together with the exception of sleep and work! After months and months raced by we grew closer and closer covering most relationship milestones such as meeting the friends, meeting the parents, first spats, exchanging keys to our homes, etc. etc, etc.

So without further delay – The Engagement went down like this:

After receiving the parent’s blessing in early August, I reached out to one of her close friends who was already in the midst of planning a luau for all of Jen’s friends on September, 1 – Labor Day Weekend. With that in mind, the entire month of August my free time was devoted to basically two things – the ring buying experience and the engagement party planning.  

I reached out to her mother and asked her to invite Jen’s family members to the shore (her parents live in LBI, NJ)  and then while Jen and I was at the luau, I would sneak off with her to see the sunset on a private section of the beach.

After ironing out the logistics with Lisa (the host of the party) and Jen’s mother it was decided that the party would start at 5:30 PM. At 7PM, I had convinced Jen to leave the party to go with me to the beach. Jen, not knowing what I had planned for her was confused on my ‘new’ interest to all of sudden wanting to see the sunset when I had spent the entire summer at the beach with no interest ever sneaking away to see the sunset at the beach. However, I successfully persuaded her to take a drive with me. I had previously informed Lisa to call Jen’s mother to let everyone know that I had left at which that time Jen’s family would go to he luau at Lisa’s house (Lisa’s house was about 10 minutes up the road from Jen’s house) and wait for our return.

When we arrived at the beach, I had an hour to waste (between 7PM and 8PM) on the beach because I wanted to give everyone enough time to make it the luau. The day before the luau in my commute to LBI, I dropped off a case of champagne and spoke with her mother on baking a cake and the father agreed to pay for the keg at the party.

Back at the beach, I laid a blanket on the ground and we chatted for a bit.  After some time, the mosquitoes began to have a feast so I figured I could waste some more time pacing back and forth along the water holding hands.

The time was nearing for me to finally pop the question. I originally had printed up and even memorized everything I wanted to say to Jen word by word. At 7:45 PM, I stopped walking and I turned to her and decided that I would not recite my speech but instead just say whatever came out of my mouth.  

To rewind for a bit second – In getting to know Jen, her family and friends, they all enjoyed playing the game ‘Would you Rather’ – a game where you ask players to choose between two choices. An example: Would you rather — have five bottles stuck on the fingers of one hand for a year -or- have a bucket stuck on your foot for a year? – With that said, I simply asked Jen, "Would you rather spend the rest of your life as my girlfriend or would you rather be my wife?"  

With a confused look on her face not knowing how to answer, I dropped down to one knee and took out the ring. The ring is from Eli Jewels, Vieux Carre Collection from the Jack Kellmer Jewelry Store in the diamond district in Philly.  

To rewind the story back again, some time while we were dating she mentioned that she loved this ring and even referred to it as her "dream ring." She saw her ring in an ad from Philadelphia Magazine. The platinum setting holds 5 diamonds paved on each side of the ring graduating half-way down either side of the shank with exquisite beautiful hand engraving throughout the ring. The center stone is a magnificent, near colorless, brilliant cut, round shape diamond.

Back to the beach – Being terribly nervous and not paying attention – I grabbed the wrong hand in which she replied, in tears "You have the wrong hand!"

After switching her hand I then asked her "Jennifer, will you give me the honor or marrying me?," in which she replied with tears in her eyes, "YES!"

After picking her up and twirling her around a bit as if I was in the movies and then of course somersaulting myself across the beach a few times we headed back to the car. At this time she wanted to stop at her parent’s house to show off the ring however little did she know that I had an extra surprise and pulled up to the luau with more than 30 people awaiting our arrival that included her immediate family, some of my friends and her friends.

After the initial shock and surprise – everyone circled us taking a first look at the ring while I shook the hands of my future Father in law and hugged my Mother-in-law – who was full of tears.  After all the congratulations were said, the first of many champagne bottles were popped and I proposed a toast to the "Future Mr. and Mrs. TW."

From there on, everyone partied all night long….

Our wedding date is August 22, 2008 in Long Beach, NJ

Proposal Story by:

Terrence and Jen

Fairless Hills, NJ


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