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Well, I was 9-months pregnant before he "officially" proposed. It was a storybook love story about how we met and still talk about it to this day. I didn’t want to get married before the baby was born. I also didn’t want a ring due to all my finger swelling, so wanted to wait. Although this was my request, I felt empty about my decision questioning it everyday and felt naked without a ring.

Shawn being the amazing guy he is picked up on my feelings. I was 10-days overdue and nothing was working! All the walking in the world, sex, drinking beyond gross vinegar…you name it wouldn’t kick labor into even just first gear, let alone full gear. It was my first child so they wouldn’t start my labor early. On the morning of February 10th, I waddled into the shower, tired from walking hours and hours, sick of being pregnant, sick from drinking vinegar, and sick of sex!!

After washing my hair, I went to grab the soap and started scrubbing with something scratching me. I rinsed the shampoo off my eyes, looked down, and there was a 2 ct. Emerald Cut wedding ring sitting right in the middle of a fresh bar of soap. Out of nowhere, I hear "will you marry me?" I look up and there was Shawn standing on the tub peeking over. It was the exact ring I dreamed off, completely unexpected, and he had it made to fit my chubby finger knowing we could size it down later.

The crying and excitement threw me right into labor while standing in the shower. 11-hours later, I gave birth to Josh weighing in at 10 lbs. and 22 1/2" long! It was the most amazing day of my life, one I’ll never forget. Josh has since been diagnosed with type I diabetes but being the godsend he is, we will beat this. That day changed my life. I am beyond grateful for a perfect child whom I love and cherish and a husband’s unconditional love that finally got our precious child here. Congratulations to all of you newlyweds or brides to be. Embrace every single moment..the good and the bad.


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Brenda Mosteller

Sandy, UT

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