5) Marrying Jaime


Everything about our relationship always seemed like a movie. From the way we met on the first day of college, to how we lost touch in the shuffle, to fatefully sitting next to each other in New York City six years later, it all seemed like one big movie script. Since that May afternoon in Union Square, our relationship progressed naturally and effortlessly. We filled each others’ lives and became best friends over the next year and a half. All along we knew we would end up together. It was just a question of how and when we would get there. True to form, I was ready for the next step first. I spent countless hours attempting to uncover his master plan. Unfortunately, after much digging, he didn’t have one. I didn’t really care about the actual location, just the timing. I wanted it to happen immediately! Well, all my imaginings were ENTIRELY INCORRECT and I am more than thrilled about it. Even though I had mapped out every possible scenario for each event, holiday, and vacation, this one night slipped by me. It was Jerry’s birthday. For once my thoughts were on him. It all started when Jerry “won” a contest through work to a unique 1940’s style movie theater/restaurant in Manhattan. I first found out about his win after receiving an email from him. Turns out he had actually written this two page detailed email and had someone from his HR department forward it under their name. The email read that Jerry had won a $200 gift certificate for a private dinner and movie screening at 7:30 pm on Friday, March 15, 2002. When we arrived to the restaurant the waitstaff played along with Jerry’s hoax. He had been there already that day but as he had planned, they pretended not to recognize him and asked the pre-written questions. We were guided to a private screening room built for 25 people. There was a 108 inch movie screen, two enormous comfortable sofas, a dining table, and a private waiter. I even told Jerry, “You shouldn’t have told me that you won this from work. You should have said you did this yourself. It would ! have been a very romantic surprise.” Leading up to this Friday night, I hadn’t seen Jerry due to his extra long 82 hour work week. So as can be expected we were overly excited to see each other. All I wanted to do was eat, drink, and catch up. So after enjoying fabulous appetizers and a few drinks for a half an hour, when Jerry wanted to put a movie on, as usual I still wanted to talk. But he said he needed to relax and unwind and since this was his birthday celebration and movies are his favorite relaxation tool, I unexpectedly agreed. The movie previews began, two real independent type previews then a third. This third preview which opened with quotes from various popular critics such as “This movie will make girls fall in love with boys all over again” and stated that it was “written by” my favorite movie’s screenwriters and “produced by” my favorite TV shows producers, immediately caught my attention. Instantly I knew that all girls HAD to see this movie. The film’s story began and it was the story of our relationship set to music and moving scenes. I didn’t have a clue that it was not a real movie preview until the camera panned up a man’s body and Jerry’s face appeared on this enormous screen. Jerry said, “Jaime, the guy sitting next to you has something to ask you.” That’s when I pointed to the screen and screamed, “That’s you!” I didn’t even know what to think or what was going on. It was like an out of body experience leaving me speechless. Then the screen flashed, “Go Jerry, Proposal in Progress” for the next 40 seconds. That’s when Jerry proposed. I had imagined this moment for my entire life (especially the last year and a half) and now it was happening in the most extraordinary, unanticipated way. I immediately said, “Yes!” and kissed him. The movie resumed and our song came on. The announcer said this movie was entitled “Marrying Jaime —-” and it would be premiering Summer 2003. Our movie-like romance came true to life and we’re actively planning the opening.

Jaime Felberbaum,
Hoboken, NJ

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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