5) In Sickness and In Health

I met my future husband in August and knew he was the one for me. I told my mom in November that I was sure I was getting a ring for Christmas. Much to my shock and dismay Christmas came and went without a ring. I knew I was right about him and that he was the one.

On March 1st I got some devastating, life changing news. I remember my future husband meeting me at the door when I arrived home. He can out to the van and embraced me. He held me all the way into the house. He told me everything was going to be OK and we would make it thru this. He was so strong and very supportive. Rob was such a rock.

That night we had a power outage and stayed up all night, snuggled on the couch by candlelight, deep in conversation. We talked about all of our hopes, dreams and fears. We joked that we should have power outages more often. We had a wonderful candlelight dinner. He tucked me in to bed, like one would a child and said he would be up shortly. He placed a gentle kiss on my forehead and headed back down stairs.

It was 4:30 in the morning before he returned upstairs and slipped into bed with me. He woke me up by putting his arms around me and said had something to ask me. He told me that he knew I was the one that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and that he wanted to ask me to marry him. He told me how he had wanted to have the ring under the tree on Christmas and had been saving every dime he could. He was looking for the perfect ring. He had been working more hours and skipping going out to lunch. He said he felt so bad because he was proposing and he did not have the ring yet. He was looking everywhere for the ring of my dreams in his price range. The need to propose was so overpowering that he knew he had to do it right then. So again he apologized yet again for not having the ring and again asked me if I would marry him.

I laughed and said of course I will marry you and we can pick out a ring tomorrow. It was the proposal I was waiting for with bated breath and not the ring. It was the most beautiful day of my life, next to my wedding day. I went the next day and picked out both rings. We have been together 4 years and our 3rd anniversary is 07/17/07. We are still newlyweds and very much in love. He continues to show me every day a 100 times over how much he loves me, from the kiss he gives me in the morning to the sweet tuck-ins he gives me every night. I love you honey.

Proposal Story By:

Lindsay Tomaszewski

Gainesville , FL


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