5) Fairytale: A Love Story

It started off one Saturday afternoon in a local
Borders Book Store. While browsing through books, Mario brought
me over to the in store computer and wondered out loud if the computer
would print out his online Borders wish list. He typed his name
into the computer and a book came up under his name, he was relatively
calm, and looked at me and said, "that’s strange, there’s an
author out there with my same name". The name of the book was
"Fairy Tale: A Love Story" He proceeded to print out the
information, and we continued to browse. We left the book store,
with not another word said about the book, continued on to the park,
where we played miniature golf. On the walk back from mini golf,
he commented on how nice of a day it was, and asked if we could
sit on the park bench. Before we sat he went into his car, and pulled
out a couple of books on weddings. As I browsed through each book,
there was one book that remained clutched in his hands. On the book
was a fake book cover which he pulled off, to reveal the book, "Fairy
Tale: A Love Story"

He began to read the book to me, it told the story of how we met
as it became quickly apparent that the fictional characters described
were of myself and Mario. Furthermore, the book included every poem
that he had ever written for me in the context of the story. He
went on reading the story of our lives until he got to the last
chapter, which was called the future, and it included an author’s
note saying that the author needed help in writing the last chapter,
asking me to turn the page. At that he turned the page, and read
the following poem to me.

We wrote the story together as well as you can see

But we need to finish the ending so we can be as "we"

I hope you enjoyed the prose, I wrote it just for you

I want to walk you down the isle to prove our love is true

It will be our own perfect ending in a story about our life

I can’t think of a better way to ask you to be my wife

So just turn one more page, and we’ll write many more

It’s a surprise for you that I hope you will adore

I have but a few more words, to my heart you hold the key

Danielle, I love you dearly, WILL YOU MARRY ME?

We turned the next page together and cut out into the back of the
book was the most beautiful diamond ring. It took me a while to
actually realize that he went through the trouble of actually publishing
the book to propose to me. I had a strong feeling that I knew the
day was coming, and while Mario thought he had the big surprise
for me, I also had it out for him waiting patiently in my pocketbook.
I had always told Mario that I could never be as romantic as him,
that I simply didn’t have it in me. But my surprise to him almost
knocked him off his feet when I gave him a card titled "Just
the Way You Are" Which happens to be our song. Inside the card
I had a poem already written back to him in response…..

I feel it fitting on this day

To tell you thoughts I need to say

You are the one I’ve waited for all my life

And now you have asked me to be your wife

I say yes with all the love in my heart

And look foward to this life together we will start

My trust in your sincerity lies so very deep

That jealousy is something I will never keep

I feel that your love for me is so true

I can be myself, even when I am blue

Your thoughtfullness is over the top

And I pray the romance never stops

I give you my heart, soul and mind

Because Mario, you are one of a kind

I will marry you for the man you are today

And the man you will be on your dying day

I promise to be there through laughter and the tears

I promise to be still here in another fify years

I promise to support you in all you stand for

And together, this future is ours forever more.

My answer was an emphatic prepared "Yes", Mario was more
surprised than "I" by the unraveling of events, that even
he had tears in his eyes. It was a day that neither of us will ever

Danielle Schwarz

Wantagh, NY


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