5) Crafting The Perfect Proposal

I truly believe that Sachin, my fiancé crafted the perfect proposal for me when he proposed on Thursday, February 17, 2005.  It took him a total of 9 months to finalize proposal plans and his thoughtful, intimate proposal reflected how well he knew me.  I would like to share my story with you:

How We Met

Sachin and I met at a local Chicago club just over two years ago.  He came up to me at the club and said, “Hey, you’re the girl I saw on TV.?  At first I was confused and surprised by his comment.  I did not remember ever being on TV.  It turned out that a speech I gave at the Daily Center in Chicago was taped and televised on a local community channel.  Sachin literally did see me on TV!  We ended up hitting it off and he got my number at the end of the night.  Two years later were still together and happier than ever. 

After graduating law school, I accepted a position in Washington, DC, far away from Sachin and my family in Chicago.  We were both heartbroken, but knew that our love could overcome any obstacle.  We were both young and just starting out in our careers.  I wanted to pursue a career in the public sector and Sachin was in his first year of business school in Chicago.  Despite the fact that I had a great job in DC, I missed Sachin terribly and flew home to visit him several times a month.  However, we both kept pursuing our careers, promising each other that someday, we would be together (and in the same city) forever.

The Proposal

Four months ago I received an email from the Public Law Service Group (PLSG), stating that they were a networking organization that was recruiting young attorneys to participate in the organization.  The email stated that my law school had recommended that I apply and the application process was relatively simple. 

A few days later, I received an email from Richard Fox, a member of PLSG, stating that he was assigned to be my mentor and telling me more about the organization.  Richard stated that he started out working in DC and this organization helped him network with public service groups in his hometown in Colorado and he was able to move back home.  The email excited me and I anxiously wrote Richard back, asking him more about the application process – – I wanted to move back home too! 

A few weeks after the initial online application process, which included submitting my resume to PLSG, I received an email stating that I passed the first round selection process and was eligible to participate in the final round.  The final round selection process was a networking event held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, DC.  The email stated that it was a black tie event and a car would be sent to pick me up from my apartment in DC.  I was very excited and anxiously waited for the day to arrive. 

The day of the final interview, I was sick with the flu and a fever.  However, since I had purchased a new formal dress for the event, I took a fever reducer and got dressed for the event. “Sachin told me that he would be busy with group projects all day long but made some time to speak to me right before the car picked me up.  “Have fun and relax,” he told me, “you’ll impress them for sure!”

When I arrived at the Four Seasons, the concierge told me that PLSG had reserved a private room for the event.  I was escorted into a gorgeous private dining room with a large projection screen.  The escort stated that she was a member of PLSG and I was going to view a short clip about the organization before being interviewed by the Board.  She told me that I would be meeting other prospective members at a reception after the interview.  She started the clip and I held my breath.  This organization seemed to be my one hope to get back to Chicago, back to Sachin, so I was very interested to hear about the group. 

The first thing that popped on the screen was PLSG, the name of the organization.  Then, interesting messages began appearing on the screen:  What else does that stand for?  Any clue?  Confused?  Finally our names appeared on the screen- I can’t believe that I hadn’t realized PLSG were our initials.  Then, Sachin had written a message telling me how happy he had been since I entered his life two years ago and that he was sure that we met the same way in each and every lifetime.  “In fact,” the screen stated, “we met the same way over 600 years ago.  Just watch.”  A cartoon based in medieval appeared on the screen Sachin had actually hired an animator to make a cartoon about how he and I met!!!! The cartoon told the story of Prince Sachin and how he saw Princess Puja (me ) on TV (that’s why I said based in medieval times).  It told the story of how he searched the entire kingdom for her and finally found her at Zentra castle (the club where we met).  The entire cartoon was so incredibly sweet- and to top it off- he was the narrator, choreographed the music and sang songs in the background!!!!  Then, the screed showed pictures of Sachin at all our destinations holding up signs that said, “Missing Puja!”  While the signs were popping up on the screen, waiters entered the room and placed lit candles and rose petals on the table. 

After the waiters left, the movie ended and right on cue, my Prince Sachin walked in wearing a tuxedo and proposed!  



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