5) After Work

I was bummed out the week before Valentines
day 2004 because my boyfriend was scheduled to work from 11-9.
His response to my aparent dissaray was "Paua, we don’t need
a day to tell eachother how much love we have for one another." So,
on Friday the 13th of February, the love of my life had 2 dozen
gorgeous red, white, and pink roses delivered to my office. I didn’t
think anything of it, because I thought he was trying to compensate
for missing Valentine’s day.

After work, I arrived at my apartment at 10:00
p.m. Friday and he met me outside of my door asking me to enter
with my eyes closed.
At this point, I still didn’t think anything was up because we
were supposed to exchange presents that night and I assumed he
had a big present for me (little did I know that the present I
was about to recieve would change our lives forever)!

I entered hearing our song in the background
(Unchained Melody) and when I opened my eyes, I was taken aback
by the 40 or so tea
candles and additional 4 dozen more roses in 6 vases placed lovingly
around my home. He walked me to my bedroom and asked me to open
the door where I was greeted with more flowers, candles, sprinkled
rose petals draped on the bed with 3 mylar balloons saying "Paula,
Will You, Marry Me?" I turned around to him on bended knee
asking me to be his wife. I screamed "YES" enthusiastically
and began tearing up.

Proposal Story By:

Paula Caruso

Omaha, NE

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