5) A Night to Remember

Previously Heather purchased
a beautiful dress that she was saving to wear when we celebrated
my new job. I acted depressed that I had not yet found employment
and told her I needed a break and wanted to get dressed up and go
out for a real nice dinner. I asked her to wear the new outfit that
she was saving for my new job. I planned to propose at dinner at
an awesome restaurant called Mancuso’s in Scottsdale. I drove to
her home with the ring box concealed in back of left sock so she
would not see or feel it when we greeted. I was wearing my nicest
silk shirt which I thought looked great without a tie. I arrived
at her house right on schedule. She looked absolutely stunning.
My pulse quickened realizing this would be a very special evening
for us. She was happy to see me and warmly greeted me, but I knew
something was immediately wrong. I finally pleaded with her to tell
me what was wrong. She reluctantly mentioned that I had asked her
to get all dressed up and I didn’t even wear a tie. I now know her
opinion of silk shirts. Desperately wanting the evening to be special,
I told her I would swing by my house and change into a nice shirt
and tie for her even though it was out of the way. She apologized
for letting that bother her. She had no idea of my plan. Driving
like a maniac, I went to my house and ran in and changed. I have
to admit I looked much nicer. After getting back on the freeway
we headed for the restaurant. I was running late and stress began
setting in! Heather had indicated previously that she wanted me
to ask her father for his blessing before proposing and I said I
would not do that before I had a job. That morning without her knowledge
I met her father for breakfast and received his blessing. We arrived
at Mancuso’s and sat at table 25 which is reserved for special occasions
because it beneath a huge chandelier which is the focal point of
the restaurant. We were initially seated across from each other.
The private table was large and I wanted to be closer so I asked
her to come and sit next to me. Dinner was almost finished and she
sat to my left which worked well since she is also left handed.
As we talked she was holding her fork less than an inch from her
plate. It slipped out of her hand and landed on the edge of her
plate barely making a sound. She then looked at me with a wide-eyed
expression and asked "Did you do that?" I had no idea
what she was meant. I gave her my napkin and asked her to fix it.
Her reply was even scarier. She said I had to fix it in the men’s
room. Somehow the fork sprayed seventeen (I counted them later)
little dots of red sauce on my shirt completely missing her. I stood
looking in the mirror at my cream colored shirt sprinkled with tiny
red dots. Fortunately my silk tie was spared. At this point the
ring box still is in my sock! Stress and panic set in as I frantically
scrubbed, prayed and dried the sauce dots. Hoping to salvage the
evening, I returned to the table with the sauce dots barely visible
(what a miracle!) She was extremely apologetic and said she would
replace my shirt. She mentioned how it was her fault for even having
me change my shirt in the first place. We laughed. We then had coffee
and relaxed. My pulse began to rise again, I slowly began attempting
to remove the ring box from my sock but the fuzzy box was like Velcro
against my sock. Panic setting in again?I finally removed it under
the tablecloth without her noticing. Holding the ring box in my
hand under the tablecloth, I then looked at Heather and said ?there
is only one thing that would make this evening more memorably (I
was nervous) I mean memorable? At this time later I learned she
thought ?yeah, me spilling my coffee on you? but didn?t say anything.
I then said "me giving you a kiss, (which I then did) and asking
you to marry me" Her response was "you surprised me!"
and then "YES!"

David Hofman

Scottsdale, AZ


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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