5) A Capitol Proposal

After months of waiting, Ray Mathew finally popped the big question to his wonderful girlfriend, Shaini Eapen. "It was all in the timing," said Ray. "I felt the time had come and what better place to ask her than in romantic Washington,D.C.?"

It’s no secret that Shaini had been waiting for this day. After months of asking, she finally gave up on Ray. Meanwhile, he knew all along when and where he was going to make his big scene. Planning began back in April. A study of several sites produced only one option- our nation’s capital. "I’ve traveled to many places and by far I think Washington,D.C. offered the serenity and beauty I needed to make this night wonderful," Ray said. He looked at several monuments, parks, and landmarks and felt the Reflection Pool between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument was the perfect scene to ask his lady. But he needed to add to the effect.

Surfing the web for a nice hotel, he came upon the Grand Hyatt. One look at the atrium and he was sold. "The atrium set the perfect beginning of a night of elegance and awe," said Ray. "I looked at it and said I gotta have it."

Transportation proved to be a challenge for Ray. How was he going to get Shaini from New York City to D.C.? Well, he created a story with the help of Shaini’s manager Vidya. Together, the two agreed to send Shaini to Washington, D.C. "on a business matter to meet a ‘client’" with only one day’s notice. Apparently it worked. But how would Ray get Shaini to the Grand Hyatt? Ray’s good friend Binu remembered his fiance had a relative named Seena in Maryland. Putting heads together, Seena became the "client rep" who would pickup Shaini in the Jaguar Ray rented for the evening. Seena would take Shaini to the hotel, give her one hour to get ready for the "client meeting/dinner" and drive her to the "meeting spot." This "meeting spot" was actually at the foot of the Reflection Pool facing the Washington Monument where he would propose.

The proposal went well. Ray asked Shaini,"Would you be my First Lady?" She replied with a "yes!" and the two went to dinner at a rooftop restaurant overlooking our nation’s capital.

Ray Mathew,
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