4)I'm In LOVE

Bianca was coming to visit Travis in Maryland after returning from her family reunion in Louisiana during the first week of August. During the planning of this part of the trip, Travis told Bianca that they would go to the opening night performance of Montario Hill at a local Italian restaurant called Petruzzi’s. Montario is an artist who Travis has been working with on music recently. What Bianca did not know, was that two weeks prior, Montario had written & recorded a song called "I’m In Love". Contemplating a memorable way to propose, Travis heard this song and the lyrics and he knew he wanted to make this song a part of his proposal. Seeing the opportunity of Montario’s first performance, Travis asked Montario and the owner of the Petruzzi’s if they would help him with this special surprise. They were happy to do it for him.

Now with the stage set, he just had to get Bianca to the restaurant without giving up the surprise of the engagement ring. Problem was that the ring was in the trunk of his car with all the other bags that would signal a diamond ring was in there. Travis went to the trunk and Bianca followed. Sensing danger, Travis sent Bianca into the restaurant to get a table for the two of them. Now that he was in the clear, he was able to retrieve the ring, and head into the restaurant, surprise still intact.

The couple was seated at private table in the interior of the restaurant enjoyed dinner and Montario’s performance throughout the night. Now the big moment was approaching during dessert. The accompanying music for the song "I’m In Love" came over the restaurant’s speaker system and in came Montario singing his song. Then friends of Montario who knew about the forthcoming proposal began to fill the room take pictures. Later Bianca would confess she was confused by this, thinking that the people were taking pictures for Montario to post on his website for promotional purposes. But then at the end of the song, the reason for the commotion was revealed.

Travis said, "When I first heard this song, I immediately thought of you, and I can’t see my life without you in it." Then he got on bended knee, produced a diamond ring from his pocket and asked, "Bianca, will you marry me?"

Her answer was mixture of a surprised gasp and yes. Never hearing a reaction like that before Travis announced to the room she said yes and everyone clapped and cheered. So the date of August 8, 2007 will always be memorable to Travis and Bianca as the day they were engaged. And the date of August 8, 2009 will be memorable to the couple as the date they were married.


Proposal Story By:

Travis Lynch

Great Mills, MD


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