4) Working Together with Walt

My fiance and I meet while both working at Walt Disney World in their program for college students, and we were living across the hall from each other for the first month. So it was quite fitting that less then a year later when he came on my annual mother/daughter trip with my mom and I, that he popped the question. We went from Feb 17-24. We had been discussing marriage for a while and he gave me the distinct impression that he would not be able to get the ring until April or May 2007. He called his mother on the Wednesday of our trip and she loudly asked over the phone "did you give Katie the ring?" at which time he freaks out a little telling her that he wasn’t going to give it to me til my birthday (Friday), but then he tells me "ok, you can have your EARrings now then." So I assumed that I heard wrong, and he gave me earrings which were an early birthday present. So I then assumed I was getting nothing else for my birthday from him. However, he kept asking me if I would be ok with him proposing on my birthday, however he was referring to the next year. He even went ring shopping at the Florida Mall just to confuse me, because he obviously had the ring the whole time.

Friday comes around, and we have tickets to one of Disney’s special parties, the Pirate and Princess Party, and reservations for dinner at Cinderella’s Castle. We are enjoying our evening, riding on a few of the rides and collecting pirate booty from special stations, and at 9:45 the fireworks began. We had an amazing view, right in front of the castle. He was standing behind me and I was taking pictures, sort of feeling him holding the ring box against my back, but not believing he would have the ring. He whispered "I Love You" just as "Once upon a Dream" started and got on one knee. And this very crazy french lady yelled at me "give me your camera, give me your camera!" so that she could take pictures (however, my mom was right behind us with her own camera). And he said "Will you marry me?" and I am starting to get tears in my eyes and all I could say was "Are you serious?" even though he had the ring box open. And then when I finally clued into what was going on I said "Of Course!" I then he gave me the ring in the box and I was amazed by it, and then he got fed up with me holding it and was like "Can I put it on you now?" and he did, and after the fireworks finished we had a lot of pictures taken and we went and had celebratory ice cream on Main Street. Apparently my Mom knew the entire week and had not given me one hint; as my fianc had called my Dad the week before and asked for permission, and my Mom had listened in on the conversation, unknown to my fiance until she said "Of course Larry, you know we love you."


Proposal Story By:

Katie Mondry

Bellevue, NE


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