4) Will You Marry Us?

My husband and I had already been married and divored before we had met each other. I had three children and he had one. We had been dating for a few months when we began including the children in on our relationship. It was almost like we had always been together, we were inseperatable. At night my children would ask where Rick and Re were, at the same time the phone would be ringing, Rick would be on the line with Re, wondering where we were. No matter what, we would all end up at one of our houses, even being thrity miles apart. Then one night I got a call from Rick, he and I were talking about the next day and his daughter, Re, wanted to talk to me. She was only six at the time. She got on the phone and ask" Darlene, is it okay if I call you MOMMY sometimes?". I started to cry, she had never wanted anything to do with the other women Rick had dated, in fact she hated "sharing " her Dad. I told her that would be wonderful, and she could call me mom anytime!

Rick got back on the phone and we talked about just how serious all of this was getting. It kind of scared and excited both of us. The next night we all got together for dinner and a game of ball in the park. My oldest, Patty, was 12. She wanted to do the cooking. We had dinner in the park, he lived right behind. Then the children brought out a surprise for Rick and I.They had made a cake, and on the top they had written" Will you marry us?"Can you believe it, they proposed to us! We looked at each other and them. We both said yes at the same time. The kids all started jumping up and down with joy. We got married three months later, with Re as the flower girl, Patty as my Brides Maid, Shawn and John, (my twins), as the best men. It’s been five years and Re still calls me Mom and my children have the best Dad in the world.

Darlene Adams,
Glenns Ferry, ID

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