4) The Game Plan

Adam – “Guy In Love”

Betsy – “Girl He Loves”

Sara/Sam – “Dinner Dates”

Melissa – “Fill-In”

Sim – Betsy’s Favorite Band

For weeks, we were “planning” a date night with Sara/Sam- Dinner and a Sim Concert at the local concert hall. Betsy was EXCITED!

Two nights before the concert, my boss called me with the “bad” news that I needed to fly to Chicago on Friday for a work meeting. I set this story up for a couple weeks and I had been telling Betsy that my boss would have to go to Chicago. My boss now had another engagement and I needed to take her place.

Betsy was understandably upset, but I insisted that she still go to the concert. Betsy complained to Sara about this and Sara suggested that they invite a friend to be her date-in stepping Melissa, ready to accept the invitation.

The day before the concert, I produced a fake itinerary for the trip- departing on Friday, returning on Saturday. I made this official (flight numbers, hotel information, etc.) as Betsy always received my itinerary. I gave her the itinerary while packing and lamenting about missing the concert. The stage was set – I was flying to Chicago on Friday, not returning until Saturday and she was going to the concert with Sara/Sam/Melissa.

I woke Betsy to drive me to the airport. We said our goodbyes and she was set to pick me up the next morning. Minutes after Betsy drove off, Betsy’s mom picked me up and drove me to her house. A few hours later, I left a message for Betsy when I “arrived” in Chicago. In the “hearing,” I couldn’t answer my phone, so Betsy could not contact me.

Betsy went to work as usual while I waited for my parents to arrive.  They then chauffeured me around as I completed last minute items.

I’m in Chicago. Betsy is home getting ready for her “date.” “Date” plans were left up to Betsy/Sara/Melissa/Sam so it was more natural for Betsy. Concert doors opened at 8pm. Opening band before Sim started ~ 9pm, so Betsy’s crew was to arrive between 9pm-10pm. Sim was to start ~10:30pm. Betsy’s mom prepared a wonderful dinner for our parents to celebrate the anticipated event.

Betsy/Sara/Melissa/Sam were inside the concert jamming to the opening band and awaiting Sim. As expected, Betsy was in her super-fun hippie-band dancing mood. SAM TEXTED ADAM – THE OPENING BAND WAS FINISHED. The dinner party then moved closer to the concert, awaiting the crucial TEXT MESSAGE.  


I had been in close contact with Sim before that day, so they were aware of the situation and excited. They would play 2 of Betsy’s favorite songs as their 4th and 5th songs. Our party needed to be in position by the 4th song as I planned to make my move at the end of it.

I visited the concert hall and coordinated with the staff to enter through a VIP entrance with access to the balcony to overlook the concert. Sara/Sam/Melissa were to keep Betsy near the front of the stage.

As Betsy (and the entire crowd) was hippie dancing to the 4th song, we walked down the stairs towards her as I held a large hand-made sign – “Can U hear OUR SIM playing?” I made eye contact with Sim and they continued to play as planned. I covered my face so that she couldn’t see it, but she could read the sign. Betsy recognized the signs message and as I got close enough, I revealed my face.  

We made eye contact and I flipped over the sign – “WILL U MARRY ME?” I went to my knee and presented the ring. She started crying and our family and the crowd went insane, with everyone cheering/crying/whistling, including Sim. She couldn’t even hear me ask the question, so I picked her up (with an even LOUDER crowd roar) and yelled “IS THAT A YES?!?!” Sim then announced over the mic “SHE SAID YES!!!,” which set off chaos in the crowd – high fives, crying, screaming, hugging, cell phone pictures, you name it. The energy in the building was ELECTRIC and the sound DEAFENING! When I finally put Betsy down, she looked around at all our family/friends and was in complete shock and awe. More tears of joy flowed and then Sim played our favorite slow song!

Proposal Story by:

Adam Fay

Rochester, NY


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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