4) The "Cue"

My girlfriend, Danny Jo, knew I had been looking for a ring. We had been talking about it for weeks. But all my life I dreamed of the day I proposed being a complete surprise.

I am in the Navy. I have been for over four years. This has kept us apart for much of our relationship. I’m stationed in Norfolk, Va. She lives in Madison, Wi.

I knew that in order to keep the proposal a secret, Danny Jo couldn’t know when I finally picked out the ring. Almost daily I would have to lie. Telling her I couldn’t find one that I both loved, and could afford. I told her how frustrated I was, thinking I would never find a ring.

When we made plans to stay at my Grandma’s house in Milwaukee for a weekend, I knew that would be the time.

I secretly chartered a 34′ sailboat for two hours on Lake Michigan for Saturday afternoon. I told her we were going down to Veteren’s Park to walk down by the Lake. After walking for a bit we went down by the marina and looked at the boats. She mentioned she would love to go on a sailboat sometime. I smiled to myself. We walked over to the "Blue Chip" and I waved to the boat Captain. Danny’s hands clenched around my arm and she asked "what did you do?" I told her we were going on a boat ride.

The boat Captain took us aboard and off we were. We were greeted with fresh strawberries, grapes, and a bar of premium chocolate. A perfect touch. When we finished the goodies. I called the Captain over to take our picture. He knew that was the "Cue". I handed him the camera and took the ring box out of my bag. Danny’s eyes lit up and she said, "is this it?" I replied "yes", took a deep breath, opened the box, and asked for her hand in marriage. She quickly replied yes and I put the ring on her finger.

Proposal story by:

Jason Dill

Norfolk, VA


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