4) Surprised and Romanced

I am not really the romantic type. I don’t remember important dates, and I don’t plan romantic dates. But, my fiance’, now my husband, is always considering the little things that make life special. And, though I will tell you I hate surprise and don’t think I can be surprised, on April 11, 2004, I was not only surprised, but also romanced!

April 11, 2004 was Easter Sunday. I once told my husband Easter was my favorite holiday, and of course he remembered. April 11, 2004 was also the anniversary of our first date – a first date neither of us will forget – ice skating in Miami and walking on the beach boardwalk to get ice cream. And, April 11, 2004 was the morning Aaron asked

me to wake up early to watch the sunrise on the beach with him. Oh, that sounds romantic doesn’t it? Well, it might be if April 11, 2004 wasn’t so humid and the last day of Spring Break – which makes the beach extra dirty! So, I put up some resistance on that April 11th morning. I wasn’t ready when he arrived take me to the beach. In

fact, I was still in bed. He wasn’t happy about that!

But, despite my lack of enthusiasm, we made it to the beach, a bit after the sun had rose, but we made it nonetheless! On the hot, humid, dirty beach, he gave me an Easter basket – the real reason I love Easter so much filled with Godiva chocolates! Then pulled out this puzzle game. I love games too! He told me to put the puzzle together to get a clue. So I did. I put the puzzle together and it said Proverbs 18:22. Well, I didn’t know what that Bible verse was! So, then he gave me another clue and Easter egg hunt! He handed me a basket of a dozen plastic Easter eggs, and I had to open each one. Within each egg was a small trinket reminding me of dates we had shared over the last year.

There was a drawing from the Macaroni Grill tablecloth he made of me. There were the tickets from the Pines Ice Arena from our first date. There were movie tickets from X-Men 2, Stuck on You, and Cheaper by the Dozen. There was a fortune from a cookie we had a PF Chang’s that said, "Happiness is right before you." There was a sweet tart heart that said "LUV U." There were a total of 12 little sentiments that we shared over the last year.

Then after we went down memory lane through each of the eggs, I asked, Now what does this have to do with Proverbs 18:22? And then he proceeded to tell me how this has been a year of times he will never forget. He told me that Proverbs 18:22 says, He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and finds favor with the Lord. He told me I was a good thing that he found. Then he proceeded to pull out a big pink egg my favorite color! Inside was a Tiffany, radiant brilliant diamond! As tears filled my eyes, I hugged him and said "YES of course!"

What a romantic surprise on that April 11, 2004!!!

Proposal Story by:

Nichole Williams

Dallas, GA


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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