4) Special Friday

It was a Friday and I am usually a little tired
when I get home
after a long week at work. But on that special Friday, I walked
to a HUGE red vase on the kitchen table full of my favorite
flowers, which are the always cheerful Gerber Daisies. They were
placed on a deep red velvet material I had never seen before.
Little red foil paper hearts were artfully scattered all around
flowers. Russ walked up to me and gave me a big hug and kiss. I
said, "Thank you for the beautiful flowers. I have always thought
it would be sweet if you gave me my favorites!" He usually gets
me roses, which are also very sweet but I had recently
mentioned how much I love the brightly colored Gerber Daisies.

He said, "Why don’t you look under the couch?" I was confused
but went ahead and got on the floor to look under there.

A little
gray and white cat peeked her head out at me. We had been
looking at cats for the past couple weeks and a couple days
before we had seen this gray and white kitten and I had told him
how much I liked her and wanted to pick her up that weekend
but hoped no one adopted her before me. I even had a name
picked out for her because of the heather gray on her
back and tail. She was so cute with her little pink ears and pink
nose! She remembered me right away and started purring and
rubbing her head on my knee and then crawling right into my
lap. I had never owned a pet and was so excited she liked me so
much and remembered me. I noticed she had a pretty pink collar
on which was a lot different than the sterile looking plastic
she had on at the shelter.

I asked Russ if he had gotten her this
pink collar or if they gave it to him when he got her. He said,
"Yes, that’s a special collar for the both of you." He turned it
around and there was a beautiful diamond ring on it. He
unclasped her collar and took off the ring while I was in shock!
He said, "I’ve known we were supposed to be together forever
from the day we met and now that the timing is right, I want
you to be my wife." I cried out a yes while he replaced the
promise ring I had been wearing for 8 years since high school
with this huge round solitaire set in platinum.

He told me when
he went to look for Heather, she had been moved to a different
location where they thought she would be adopted faster. He
called the place to make sure she was still there and to get directions.
It was 50 miles away and he drove all the way up there just to
pick her up. Apparently, right when he got there,
little girl was poking her through her cage and scaring her. She
was begging her mom to buy her and just as she was about to
agree, Russ quickly stepped up to the counter and said he had
just called about that cat and they were more than happy to give
her to him! I am thrilled and feel everything worked out just the
way it was supposed to. Russ thought giving me Heather would
be a constant reminder of the love and happiness that day
brought us. It was the perfect proposal!!

Proposal Story By:

Jane Doe

Hollywood, FL

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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