4) Skyhawk for Elmo

For my birthday last April, my girlfriend gave me the schedule to the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx baseball team, Chicago Cubs AA affiliate. Knowing I am a huge Cubs fan, she told me that she would bring me to any game I wanted. About a month later, I called my girlfriend to tell her that I chose a game date. July 31st was the mascot’s birthday and there would be other mascots there and fireworks after the game. She agreed, and I told her I would purchase the tickets. On the 31st we drove about an hour to Jackson and ate at the Cracker Barrell before the game.

She had no idea that I had a plan in the works. We arrived at the stadium and I proceeded to park as far to the right of the stadium as possible so that we would not possibly run into anyone she might know. Unknowingly we parked directly across from her parents car which had been driven about 5 hours to get to the game before us. The plan was for them to park in the reserved parking to the left of the enterance. We headed to the front gate where I had to pick up the tickets at will call. After getting the tickets, I noticed the word "COMP" written in the price portion of the ticket. I quickly proceeded to the ticket agent and handed him both tickets. I then proceeded to tear off the corner with the price and hand my girlfriend her ticket.

We proceeded to our seats, which were actually very good. On our way, I was blocked by the UT Martin Skyhawk . I shook his hand and proceeded to our seats. In a totally unplanned coincidence, the Skyhawk took off my hat and threw it down the isle. I got up to get the hat and he jumped over the row into my seat and put his arm around my girlfriend. I proceeded to take a picture and laugh to myself about the coincidence. Around the second inning my plan began to unroll as the announcer, wearing a Scooby Doo outfit approached us with the Union Bulldog. He asked if we would help him with an onfield game. Hesitently we agreed. I was to go with the Bulldog and Scooby would take my girlfriend down behind the dugout to prep her for the game. We headed to the mascot dressing room where I was to put on an Elmo costume. Elmo was not my first choice, but beggers cannot be choosers. Once inside I saw the Skyhawk again. This time without his mascot head on. He told everyone, "Hey, I was just messing with this guy before the game. He has a beautifull girlfriend". He then asked me what I was doing. I told him, "I am about to propose to my girlfriend during the on field game in this Elmo costume".

He responded with excitement, "No Way! that is awsome. Wait, if you don’t mind the sweat and smell, you need to wear my costume. She will have no idea it is you". I looked at the Elmo costume and decided no amount of sweat would be as bad as that dumb looking Elmo costume. I put on the sweaty costume and headed out with one of the other workers. I had an inning and a half before the game and found myself directly behind Scooby and my girlfriend hanging out with kids and getting my picture taken. Then I was told it was time. We headed down to the Dugout and followed Scooby and my girlfriend onto the top of the dugout. I was to be her lifeline for a trivia game.

I was handed the cards and the questions started. I heard the first question and quickly held up the letter to the answer. Then question two. Three was the proposal question and I started to get nervous thus missing the question entirely. I shuffled throught the cards and threw them down acting frustrated. The laugh of the crowd seemed so silent because I was trying to focus on the task. Scooby then spoke, "I have a strange request, the UT Martin Skyhawk would like to ask the next question". I looked over and my helper was motioning to take off the head.

I proceeded to take off the head and my girlfriend still was not sure what was going on. I started to kneel and someone stuffed the ring box into my hand on que and I went to grab her hand. At that point it registered with her what was going on. It is a good thing, because I managed to grab the wrong hand, but she swapped it quickly. I placed the ring and popped the question.

She responded with a "YES" and we hugged and kissed while the answer to question three was flashed onto the scoreboard. So we headed back to the cahnging room and then I took her to our new seats. Again I managed a huge suprise when we arrived at the suite and opened the door to see all of immediate families in the room. Everyone from cities 3 to 5 hours away had been watching the whole thing. We proceeded to visit until the game was over and we all gathered to watch the fireworks. As another unplanned bonus, one of my girlfriend’s favorite songs, What a Wonderfull World, played while we watched the fireworks in each others arms. "PERFECT."


Proposal Story By:

Mark Guttensohn



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