4) Pampered With Love

Matt proposed on December 6, 2003. My friend
Carrie invited me the month prior to a free spa day she had received
from her "boss." I woke up early Saturday morning. Matt dropped
me off at the spa at 8:45am. I had a massage, facial, manicure,
and pedicure. Carrie and I went to lunch after our relaxing morning
and then went shopping.

As I entered my favorite store, Carrie handed
me an envelope. Matt wrote me a letter. In it he told me to pick
out any outfit I wanted
as an early Christmas present. I started to try on clothes when
I found a gorgeous blouse. At that point, Carrie informed me
that I only had 10 minutes since we had to go somewhere else. She
that I needed black slacks and the folks working at the store
all scrambled to get me a pair. I quickly found a pair I loved
since Matt took care of the bill we took off for the next adventure.

She dropped me off at a hair salon where I got
another letter. This one told me that an appointment had been made
for a wash,
cut, and style. Once again, the bill had been paid. I was so
relaxed after all the pampering. Carrie came again to pick
me up and asked
if we could stop at her apartment. We stopped and she gave
me a third note. This one was with a bag of my shoes and underwear
that I could change into my new outfit. He had my black heals
and brown heals since he did not know what color outfit I would
He did not include makeup since he said to Carrie that I look
so beautiful without it.

I asked Carrie if there was anything left and
she lied to me yet again as she had so many times throughout the
day. She
dropped me off at Matt’s place where there were candles lit
2 dozen roses, champagne on ice, a card, and a box. Matt
sat me
down on the couch, got on one knee and proposed. He had asked
my parents for their blessing earlier in the day and of course
said yes, as did I. After he proposed he had told my parents
he would have me call them. I did, recounted the day to them
and then
we went to a wine bistro to meet up with my friends that
still didn?t know what had happened that day (except Carrie). It
was so fantastic that Matt thought to share our special day
all the important people in our life.

Proposal Story By:

Maria McGill

Playa Del Rey, CA

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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