4) High School Romance

My husband and I had started dating in high school
in Houston, Texas on November 22, 1995. Everything was great and
wonderful. I had never met anyone so compassionate and sweet. We
were each other’s first love. He graduated in May of 1996 from high
school. I was still there. He came to see me every day. One year
later — 4 months after I graduated — we brought our daughter
Ashley Prince into this world on September 10, 1997. It was one
of the most challenging times in our lives. Everyone was saying
how we weren’t going to make it and that our love couldn’t be that

That following Valentine’s Day he proposed. I
was at home holding our 5 month old and I wasn’t expecting anything
on that day besides flowers and a card. You know, the usual. To
my surprise there was a knock on the door and my sister answered
it and he came in with the flowers and said, "Happy Valentines
Day." Then he walked back outside and brought back in more
flowers. And then he left again and brought back candy, a teddy
bear, and more flowers. I was so surprised. I didn’t know if they
were for my mom and sisters also or if they were all for me.

After he handed me the teddy bear and candy he
got down on one knee and I knew it was about to happen. He said
that he loved me with all of his heart, he couldn’t see himself
without me, and would i marry him. I think about that time the baby
had begun to move and I was so filled with emotion that I didnt
say anything for about a good two minutes. It was so beautiful.
I finally said yes. He was so nervous and I think because of my
pause it made matters a whole lot worse. He seemed so relieved when
I said yes. We were finally married on June 10, 2000. Many people
say that high school romances never last, but I guess we proved
everyone wrong.

Lotoyia Prince,

Houston, TX


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