4) Contest Prize

Her best friend, Becky, calls her and explains that her boyfriend, Joe, won some kind of contest sponsored by an Atlantic City Casino, but he can’t go on the night that the award is designated so he generously offers it to Becky and tells her to call her best friend and the two of them can have a fun weekend for free! This "contest prize" includes all kinds of goodies like a lunch, shopping spree, massage, and a room for the night.

So she and Becky head down the parkway early to spend some time on the beach then it’s back to the hotel for lunch and some shopping on the boardwalk. The promotion people recommend that the vouchers be used at a clothing store for a dress and nice shoes for this evening’s mystery dinner. Then it’s down to the spa for a late afternoon massage.

Completely relaxed and excited to see how the rest of their evening pans out, they go up to their suite to shower and get ready for dinner. Becky suggests that my intended shower first since her hair takes longer to dry. She obliges, taking her time like you do after a long luxurious day of tanning, shopping, and a massage.

This is when the magic happens.

As the evening begins to paint the sky and the beaches start to empty, she steps out of the bathroom to put on her new dress. Not quite finished getting ready, she goes to look for Becky to let her know the shower is free, but Becky is not to be found. She notices something unusual on the balcony. There is a table set for two with a bottle of champagne in the center. A man in a tuxedo pours the champagne with his back to the glass door.

She walks toward the balcony to investigate as she finishes putting in her earrings. I turn around to greet her with two glasses of champagne. Her face is shocked as I hand her the glass and she hears a light "ping" noise–Around the stem of the champagne glass is a diamond ring. She is breathless as I take a knee and make my speech.

"YES" is her reply and we share a kiss and an embrace. Too eager to finish the two mouthfuls of champagne that I poured, she dumps it over the balcony and it mists in the evening breeze – no doubt lightly spraying a boardwalk pedestrian hundreds of feet below! We carefully devise a plan to wrap the glass in a linen napkin and gently break the stem to remove the jewelry.

After a romantic dinner overlooking the ocean at dusk, we relax on the balcony as the sky goes from red to midnight blue, to star-spotted black. Then the night spreads itself above us, the show begins and we enjoy our favorite summertime tradition with an eye-level display of 4th of July style fireworks as only the Jersey Shore can put on.


Proposal Story By:

Kevin Kehler

Neshanic Station, NJ


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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