4) A Hike Through the Hills

This past Labor Day weekend, Connie’s parents
invited my family to join them for a trip on their boat to Catalina
Island, which is off the coast of California. Connie and I have
been together for over 5 years now, and she has been waiting and
waiting for me to propose, and she never thought I would do it when
both of our families were there (which included my parents, my two
sisters and my niece, and her parents, her sister and her sister’s

It was Sunday and I asked Connie if she wanted to take a hike up
one of the hill’s on the island before dinner, telling her that
I wanted to work up an appetite. She agreed and asked everyone else
on the boat if they wanted to come along, and of course everyone
said they were too tired, so it was just us.

So we hiked up a hill that you could see from where the boat was
docked, and somehow we ended up more than halfway up the hill, in
somebody’s backyard. The view from the hill was beautiful, and you
could see the entire Island.

I told her, "let’s call the boat to see if they can see us
up here". So using my cell phone I called my sister and said,
"can you see us up here?".

Connie was telling me I was too loud and she didn’t want the owners
of the house we were trespassing on to hear us, so it was obvious
she didn’t know what was going on.

I hung up the phone and I turned to her, hugged her and started
telling her how much I loved her and how much she meant to me. At
this point she started crying, and I must admit that I shed some
tears as well. I pulled out a pair of binoculars and told her to
look for her dad’s boat in the water.

She looked for the boat and finally saw it, and on the boat she
could see everyone from both of our families standing on the boat,
together holding up a very large sign that read "CONNIE, WILL

She started crying even more and as she turned to me I was on one
knee and I asked her to marry me.

She said yes, and we were both so happy. As we made it back to the
bottom of the hill our families were there to meet us and we all
celebrated at dinner.

We were both so happy that our parents and siblings were able to
share this occasion with us, it made a very special day ten times
more special.

Edgar Espina

Long Beach, CA


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