3) Your Song

Lauren and I met while singing together at FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) meetings at our college.

Lauren rarely misses an opportunity to perform. Thus, when our local FCA Director (Chris) phoned her and ask her to sing at an upcoming fundraiser, I was certain that she would say "yes." Soon after he called, she approached me and asked me to play at the show with her.

On the day of the fundraiser, Lauren had volleyball practice during the afternoon. We agreed that I would take care of soundcheck while she was in practice and that we would arrive late to the show and just come in through the back entrance. I picked her up from practice that evening and we drove to the theater. As we walked backstage, we could hear Chris on stage thanking the audience for their support of FCA, etc.

After a couple of minutes, he introduced us and the curtain opened – we were on. The spotlights were blinding – it was impossible to make out anyone in the audience. We began the first song.

I wasn’t sure whether or not she knew what was going on until after the first song, when Lauren began a 5-minute long testimonial about what FCA had meant to her and how much she appreciated their support. Bingo – she was clueless!

We played our remaining 2 songs, the audience clapping after each one. After the last song, I leaned up to the mic and said, "Oh, we cant end like this…She turned to me with a puzzled look…I think Im going to play one more."

I strummed the first chord "My gift is my song’ and this one’s for you." Our song has always been "Your Song" by Elton John. She recognized it instantly. Her eyes welled up as I sang through the verses. After the second chorus, I bent down on one knee, took the ring out of the guitar case that was sitting next to me and asked her to marry me.

After she said yes, the crowd began to cheer and the house lights came on, revealing 60 of Lauren’s friends, teammates, coworkers, and family posing as our audience for the evening. We then had a small reception in the lobby that was catered by a coffee shop down the street. After we took pictures and greeted all of our guests, I took my new fiance’ to one of the finest restaurants in town, where a private booth and a dozen roses awaited us. We ate dinner together, smiling at each other the whole time.

We drove back to my place and I asked her if she would like to come in for a few minutes. As we approached the door, I told her that we couldn’t have such a happy occasion without any dancing. I opened the door, revealing 200 lit candles in the living room and romantic music playing on the stereo. We danced, cried, then danced some more.

Proposal Story By:

Dane Kinser

Bristol, TN


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