3) The Last Straw

I proposed to my wife by the light of the moon,
under the stars, in front of a big crowd, you name it. I guess she
was waiting for something a little more conventional, but I am not
your run-of-the-mill romantic. I did try to be romantic once. I
picked flowers and asked her on one knee after I quoted some poetry
I’d made up on the spot for her, and she laughed in my face! She
laughed every time I proposed, except for the last time.

She was starting to get antsy and asking about my plans for the
future and that sort of thing. She didn’t believe me when I told
her marriage was at the top of my list of things to do in the near
future! Meanwhile, I was saving up for her ring. I’d found this
gorgeous marquis with two smaller diamonds alongside. It made me
think of her right off the bat, but it cost a little more than I
could pay right off the bat, so I started saving. After two long
months, I was ready to pick her ring up. First I stopped by the
girls’ home where she worked, to ask her one more time.

She couldn’t come to the door, so I sent a note via the teenager
who did come to the door: WILL YOU MARRY ME? PLEASE CHECK ONE…
Then I called her a little while later to get her answer, and found
we were no longer on speaking terms. I guess that was "the
last straw."

I was eager to give her that ring after saving for so long. The
jeweler gave me this huge fake red rose that had a jewelry box for
a center, and I went straight to the girls’ home to see my wife.
She claimed she couldn’t get away that night, but she

did come out to meet me. I was ready with that rose. Already peeved
with me, she didn’t seem thrilled with it. It was the first rose
I’d ever given her! I told her to look inside, and she did, but
she didn’t see the ring at first. So I got on one knee and asked
her, not Will you marry me? but "Will you keep the ring?"

Her whole mood was transformed, and she kept the ring.

We managed to celebrate later on, and we are still celebrating four
years later!

Nathan Haifley,

Milton, FL


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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