3) Rollerskating to the Altar

Though we are now married 24 years I remember how my husband proposed to me as if it were, well, yesterday(of course!) When we were dating, my husband(boyfriend at the time)owned a "roller-skating shop". Having vision, he foresaw that roller-skating was going to be the next big sport and exercise craze. Consequently, the two of us went roller-skating frequently. At that time in our town there existed a fabulous old Rollercade – wooden floors, an announcer that would let everyone know what type of skate was up next, i.e. "ladies only", "all-skate", "do the hokey-pokey", etc. – it even had an organist up over the floor playing the ‘hip’ skating music of the time. On a Saturday evening in March of 1979, we went skating as we usually did. All seemed normal except for the fact that my boyfriend appeared a tich on edge. Well, we got to the rink, put on our skates, and took to the floor.

There we were, holding hands, skating round, organ music abounding, when all of a sudden, my boyfriend stopped skating. I looked over at him to see what was up when he dropped to one knee. Now, the organ music is changing to a rendition of, "We’ve Only Just Begun" while my boyfriend is down on one knee in the middle of the Rollercade with everyone skating around us, reaching into his pocket. I’m beginning to catch on when all of a sudden my boyfriend’s facial expression changes from one of anticipation to horror. He lets go of my hand, is now down on all fours yelling "I dropped the ring".

Now I definitely get it and am delighted and horrified all at the same time as I envison my engagement ring being run over by the hundreds of whizzing wheels going by who cannot hear a thing we are saying. They only know that there are now 2 people acting very strangely – down on their hands and knees crawling around the Rollercade floor. Well, tragedy was averted as my boyfriend did put his hand to it before it fell victim to the underside of someone’s skate wheels.

He finished his proposal, I received my beautiful ring, and we had a good, long, relieved laugh. We were married 8 months later and we remain a happily married couple to this day. It certainly has made for a funny story to tell at family gatherings througout the years.

Stephanie Wolk,
Youngstown, OH

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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