3) Mysterious Letters

For three weeks I was receiving mysterious letters
from the International Criminal Federal Investigation saying that
my boyfriend is wanted in Canada and Mexico for illegal Amish furniture
trading. In one letter I was instructed to go to a pay phone to
speak with the ICFI detective where he told me to get a disk that
had John’s business contacts around the world on it. Another phone
call was made to my house from the Chinese syndicate telling me
to find this disk!

One day I got in the mail a Chinese post card
that told me the mystery was over. John confirmed to me that
it was something silly
he was planning and it was not going to work out like he was
hoping it would.

A week later John and I were walking out of a
movie theater in the middle of the afternoon when a black car pulled
up and a
dressed like Zorro jumped out and stuffed my 6?5? 250lb boyfriend
in the trunk. I was beside myself being in a strange parking
lot and my boyfriend being shoved into the trunk of a mid size
The Kidnappers called my cell phone and told me that I would
never see my boyfriend again! Right after that the ?Good guys?
(the ICFI ) and advised me they secured a contact at the shopping
mall in downtown Cleveland. His name is Bruce the Spruce. When
I see Bruce the Spruce, I was to tell him ?I wish I was a weeping
willow tree?.

I had to stand in line with children and their
parents waiting to see this talking Christmas tree. Finally it
was my turn
I said loud and proud, ?Bruce the Spruce, I wish I was a weeping
willow tree!?. Bruce said, ?Hello, Aubrey Hopkins!? The children
were so shocked that Bruce the Spruce knew my name. He gave me
instructions to go to the Customer Service desk to get a package.
The package had a pad of paper, a pen, a clue and instructions
to be at the pay phone where I received the first phone call.
I got two clues with that phone call and instructions to be at
pay phone in the main lobby of the hospital where I got another
clue. With that call I was told to go to the pay phone at the
bowling ally where I heard my final clue. All the clues led me
to Santa
Clauses house in the city square where I could find this disk.

I found the disk right then the kidnappers called
me and advised me to head straight to the beach John and I went
to on our first
date in August. In December the ground was snow covered, the
waves were crashing and a bone chilling breeze off the lake. John
waiting for me there and told me there were snipers in the trees
and I should throw the disk to the side. He had behind his back
a dozen red and white roses and proclaimed ?Merry Christmas!?.
I had so much fun on my mystery! I said ?Thanks, that was fun.?.
He then got on his knee and asked me to spend the rest of my
life with him. . When I looked down, the box was illuminating like
halo from heaven. He had found the most amazing box that had
a light in the top!

I immediately said yes. I said yes maybe twenty
times to make sure he heard me.

Story by:

Aubrey Hopkins – Willoughby, OH

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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