3) Ms. Oblivious

Adam and I had always openly spoke of getting engaged and we even had a savings account started together to buy the ring. Since I knew how much was going in there each month and how much was needed for my ring (hey I am an accountant by trade) I never thought I would be too surprised by his proposal since I could pretty much lock down when it was going to happen. Boy was I wrong.

For Valentines Day 2006 Adam asked if I would like to go look at rings again and then go to dinner at a favorite Italian restaurant of ours. I said this sounded fine to me. As I was getting ready for our Valentines Day date I commented that we had so many months left of saving before we could afford my ring.

When we get to the jewelry store I begin to look at the rings. Me being Ms. Oblivious didn’t even notice the attendant that was taking pictures of us papparazi style. Meanwhile Adam is standing beside me sweating thinking that the jig is up.

The jewelry clerk comes over after awhile and asks if we see anything that we like. I say that we are just looking and she mentions that she may have something in a different display case that I may like. So I begin to follow her around the store and we approach a case that is filled with rose petals. At this point I begin to understand what is about to happen and just start crying (I am even getting emotional writing this). We finally get to the case and there is my ring front and center surrounded by rose petals. The clerk pulls the ring out of the case and Adam gets on one knee as I continue to cry tears of joy and he asks me to marry him. I of course say yes and the whole store starts to applaud. I truly felt like I was in a movie.

As things start to calm down Adam does let me know how he was able to afford my exact ring so quickly. The stone came from a ring that was his grandfather’s who had passed away when Adam was 11. So now everytime I look down at my beatiful ring I know that I am truly part of his family. I feel truly honored to be wearing this ring. I couldn’t be a luckier girl and can’t wait to walk down the aisle on 12/9/06 and become Mrs. Adam Miarka.


Proposal Story By:

Kathy Castillo

Fishers, IN


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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