3) Life is Amazing

What a wonderful treat it was to read some of the stories posted here! It’s so nice to read happy stories for a change. I hope mine makes someone smile as well.

Life is amazing. You just cant predict the twists and turns. Thank God for that!

At seventeen, I had it all figured out. I was going to go to college, become a psychiatrist, go into private practice, stay single, and never have children. I had a clown collection and thought I would travel the world to collect more clowns. I was just not impressed with any of the boys I had dated (between the ages of 16 and 20) and even though I enjoyed babysitting, I could not imagine having children of my own.

All was going as planned until my father was transferred. Wow! What an upheaval but I wasn’t really upset. We found out about the transfer in the middle of the summer and I was not really looking forward to Senior Year (high school). We bought a house in a nice neighborhood and there was a boy just my age living next door that the realtor said I would really like.

I met the neighbor but was not impressed (notice the pattern?). He, however, thought we were an item and brought his Best Friend over to meet me. That is where everything changed. I opened the door and was love struck. I asked them to wait a minute, closed the door and went into the kitchen to tell my mother that the boy I was going to marry was standing on our front porch.

She thought I was just being silly as she knew how I felt about marriage. Suffice it to say that we were together for the next 2 years until he became restless. Not about us but about his career. He decided he wanted to move to Los Angeles (from Dallas, TX) to become a Special Effects Makeup Artist. I wanted him to be happy but sensed that this was the end.

He moved to LA, went to school and began working. He came back to Texas once a month for a visit but after about nine months things were very strained. We agreed to spend some time apart (not talking on the phone, writing, or visiting) to decide what we wanted to do. It was a wrenching decision and we were both heartbroken. 3 years into the relationship and it was ending.

He called me three weeks later and asked me to answer one question "Do you love me?’ If you don’t love me, I’ll move on. But I just need to know". I said, "I love you". No question. He said, "Thanks". And hung up the phone.

A week later, I received a package at my apartment. It was from him and I couldn’t imagine what it was because it was so heavy. Did he send me a book? I opened it and inside was a something taped in bubble wrap. I cut through it very carefully and staring back at me was a sculpture of a clown sitting cross-legged on the floor. In his lap was a ring box and around his neck was a sign that said, "Will You Marry Me?".

I called him immediately and said, "Yes!" He was back in Dallas, TX 6 hours later and we planned our wedding. 30 days later, we were married in front of 30 people and promptly packed up and moved to Los Angeles.

We have been through it all. No place to live. No money. Growing pains (we were young). We have lived and shared it all together. We will celebrate our 20 year anniversary this August (2007). He is the most beautiful complex talented amazing person I have ever met. Our daughter is the embodiment of our love and commitment.

So much for becoming a phychiatrist, remaining single, not having children, and travelling the world collecting clowns. I can’t imagine being happier.

By the way, he sculpted the clown! How great is he?!

Proposal Story By:

Susan Myrick

Round Rock, TX


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