3) Costume Party

I met Dan in the middle of my sophomore year at St. Olaf College. He was quirky, funny, and an absolute blast to be around. I fell in love with him immediately. The whole summer after we graduated I really wanted to be engaged. I’ve never been "one of those girls," always looking for "the one." All the same, I wanted it to happen! I live in a house with three other Ole’s and they of course all knew how much I wanted Dan to propose. In my own little world I had decided that if Dan didn’t propose to me by Christmas, he would never propose! Well, Dan of course knew all of this and spent a month planning the perfect surprise engagement.

My friends and I decided to throw an enormous Halloween party the weekend before Halloween. I was to go as a witch, and Dan was to go as Harry Potter. I took him to Wal-Mart the night before the party and we found him a perfect cape, hat, and of course glasses! The day of the party my friends and I spent hours and hours decorating the house. We transformed our house into a cobwebbed, lighted haunted house. Finally, I threw on my dress and my sparkly hat and waited for "Harry."

Well, when Dan came up the stairs looking positively dashing in a full tuxedo, I was dumbfounded. I said, you’re not Harry Potter! He was also carrying a glowing pumpkin with him, with the front of the pumpkin facing him. When he spun the front of it around to face me, I saw that carved into the pumpkin were the words, Marry Me! Surrounding me were my closest friends — an 80’s punk rocker, Little Red Riding Hood, a French maid, and numerous others. They had no idea Dan was going to do this and they burst out in "oh’s" and shocked laughter!

I on the other hand, took one look at the pumpkin, stepped back, and said "nooooo." I couldn’t even imagine this was happening! Dan got down on one knee, pulled out a beautiful diamond ring, and said, "Is that your answer?" I ran to him and as he slid the finger on my hand and I said, "Yes! Yes! I have to call my parents!" He replied, "I talked to them this morning, and they are very anxious to hear from you." The best part of the night was the fact that 30 of my best friends all arrived in fantastic costumes and the night turned into an engagement celebration!

Julie Beilfuss,
St. Paul, MN


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