3) Can I Keep You?

We were living in Saranac Lake New York which is upstate in the Adirondack Mountains. We had a cheesy apartment above a pizza parlor where my wife worked as I went to school.

I gave the proposal a lot of thought and I am glad I did. We now have 3 wonderful children Chelsea 16, Bradley 18 and Joshuwa 20.

I went to my wife’s work and blindfolded her. I walked her to the car blindfolded and helped her in. She asked me what was going on I told her to relax saying your surprise is worth waiting for.

We drove 30 minutes over many hills. a few times she became a little inpatient and I said, "Do you trust me and believe in me?" she said "Yes" so I told her to keep the blind fold on. We arrived at the destination parked the car and I guided her through a building where everyone was giggling because they new what was going on. I walked her out of the back of the building at which time she said the anticipation was killing her. She asked if we were on a farm because she heard animal sounds and smelled them also.

I said no and just wait baby.

I guided her to a vehicle where I said "You need to duck your head and lift your leg" at which time I guided her into her seat. Next, I said "You need to put on a seatbelt." This made her very nervous so I said it was "ok" to remove her blindfold.

When she did she saw that we were in a small 4 seater plane. The word she said was "Nice."

We held hands as the plane took off. The season was Fall we looked out the window and saw the Adirondack Mountains with trees of all different colors it was beautiful it looked like a giant quilt.

I looked into her beautiful eyes and said, "Can I keep you?" When she said "Yes,"  I said to her that "there aren’t enough words in the world that would describe how I feel about her." I said, "Baby will you complete my soul and be my wife?" I handed her the ring box she opened it cried and said "Yes I will marry you." To make her smile since she was still crying over the surprise proposal.

I said that if she said "No" it was a long drop and that made her laugh. Everyone at her work new the staff at the airport new it was perfect. And still is.


Proposal Story by:

Kevin Colucci

Edgewater. FL


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