3) A Diamond is Forever

It was a black night in late November. We could
hardly see the street lights above our head for the swirling, whirling.
yellow fog. Both of waited at the bus stop hoping that the bus that
would take my art student boyfriend back to college would turn up.
I started to swing round the pole which held up the stop sign –
round and round – round and round I flew. I was laughing, my long
black hair flying. I remember I was wearing a new grey coat with
a hood edged with fauxe fur which snuggled under my chin.

Suddenly, his face was serious. "I love the fog," I said,
still laughing, but wondering why his face was so still. Maybe he’s
admiring my black thigh length boots I remember thinking! Such vanity,
but then I was only seventeen.

He suddenly turned to me, stopped me in my tracks, brought me to
a standstill. "I love you, will you marry me," he said.
I shivered in the cold foggy night, but looked into his eyes, so
warm and blue, so earnest, and immediately said "Yes."
I knew it was right for us. I’d fallen in love with him the moment
I saw him.

We bought the engagement ring from a small jewellers, an old fashioned
Victorian establishment. The rings were laid on soft dark red velvet.
It is a solitaire diamond, a Tudor rose design set in white gold,
with white gold supports and a narrow gold band that I picked from
the others. So beautiful. He could just about afford it, thanks
to an insurance policy that had just matured.

When we came out of the dim shop and squinted into the sunlight,
the bells were ringing for a wedding at the parish church in our
busy town. We threw our arms round each other, kissed and stepped
out into the road. Both of us were gazing into each others faces
and we didn’t notice the car. It missed us by inches.

Twenty months later he added a 22 carat gold band to the engagement
ring and we were married. I was just nineteen. We had a small white
wedding and a three day honeymoon in London, all we could afford.

I am wearing my little ring now, thirty seven years later and I
still love my husband just as much as I did the day I saw him. Of
course, I’ve seen more expensive, more elaborate diamond rings,
but I never want anything other than my little diamond solitaire.
"Diamonds are forever," so they say. My diamond ring is
so precious to me that I never, ever remove it.

Sheila Culshaw,

Rugeley Staffordshire, UK


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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