3) A Canopy, Fireplace, 183 Song Books, 300 Candles, 8 Dozen Roses

To understand the significance of the proposal you need the background. We met by chance, a million things keeping us from meeting, one that pushed us together. I was volunteering at a camp as a counselor, and have for the past 12 years, 1 week out of the summer. A good friend of mine, brought her, never thinking about us meeting. She at the last minute agreed, after already working at camps for 3 weeks, and firmly saying I hope I don’t get hit on at camp, and it started. I don’t know if it was the moment she pushed me in the lake or when I spit watermelon seeds on her, but I overcame the I’m not looking for a man attitude. We still laught at how determined we both were that it wasn’t the time for a relationship for either of us. After 183 days, countless songbooks shared in church, and more smiles than I could have ever hoped for it was time. I knew I wanted to marry her, after the first day we met, her sweet spirit, her soft personality, with a strong realistic temperment, made her my match.

Six Months to the day we first kissed, actually to the hour we first kissed, I somehow got her to venture on Christmas Eve, and go pick up a present at my grandparents house…. conveniently 15 minutes away from the camp, unconveniently 1 hour from my home. When we left, she said, this isn’t the way home, I said well, its a detour. We were going West, we had come from the South….

I then approached the camp, and made the excuse of needing to go to the bathroom, she thinking nothing of it said okay. The lock on the gate was frozen, it took forever to thaw in 20 degree weather.

We got there and I said why don’t you come in…

The camp isn’t heated, so the room, a pavilion with 30 foot ceilings, was all of 30 degrees. I had planned for this contingency. I had spent two days prior working on building a fire in the fire place, and building a translucent canopy around a 20 foot area around the fireplace, I then stacked 183 song books around inside the canopy for everyday we had been together, and over 300 candles for every smile she’d given me (would’ve been more but this was a long distance relationship), the canopy was draped in clear lights, and filled with 8 dozen roses. I led her down the isle as this part of the camp was used as the church, with candles lighting the path. We went into the canopy, a cozy 74+ degrees I might add. And asked her to be my wife. It was magical, and I only wish I could have given her more.

Thank you for considering us, and I promise that if we win, I will find a way to truly let her know how this gift was made possible.


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