2) To Spain with Love

On our anniversary weekend I knew we’d take atrip, But, how should we get there, car, train, plane or ship?

To somewhere romantic I thought would be a delight,To my surprise we headed for Logan and my heart took flight.

To Spain, we headed my love Chris and I
Sangrias, Tapas and warm Spanish nights, I thought I would cry.

On the streets soft guitars were heard as tappingfeet tried to keep the beat. I was euphoric yet wondered how mylove would ever Match this feat.

As lifting voices of Spain were singing songsI’ll remember all my life
And on this wondrous night Chris got down on bended knee and askedme to Be his wife.

We said goodbye to lovely Spain and had to packas our weekend was done. But in reality our new lives had just begun.

*** 11/10/01 @ Sunset, Madrid, Spain.

Right out of a movie classic, my fiance, HumphreyBogart. Chris got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife,in front of El Palacio de Cristal. Chris and I have been togetherfor 6 amazing years. Every year, since our 1st year anniversary,Chris would plan for the romantic getaway weekends. Every year forthe last 6 years, Chris would give me clues to my surprise destination.We would take the weekend, leaving Friday, and coming home Sundaynight. That was what he told me for this anniversary.

I knew the routine, to pack my usual clothes forthe season. He gave me a lot of clues this year. They were: Florida,senior citizen, cows, Hugh Grant, bread pudding, Hot Dogs. I assumedwe would be driving to a B & B, somewhere in New England. Next thingI knew, I find myself in front of Logan Airport. By this point,I was hyperventilating. Never in my whole life, would the thoughtof flying entered my mind. Before I knew, we were lining up in frontof British Airways.

I had to repeatedly ask Chris if this is a bigjoke. He’s done that to me, where he would take me on weekend tripsfor my b-days and anniversaries, pretending to drive to an exit(that I thought would be the surprise) and then turning back tothe highway. I had to tell myself that it was not a joke, sincewe parked at the airport, and Chris would never pay for somethingunless it was serious. 🙂

He had everything ready, he even dug up my passport.I got really nervous, when I realized I didn’t have my passport,since I knew I needed one for international travel. He kept thesuspense until I checked in at the counter and they announced thatmy final destination would be Madrid!

Chris and I backpacked to Europe 3 years ago,and Madrid was one of our fondest memories. It seemed very appropriatethat he take us back to our favorite city and park. He took us tothe palacio de crystal… it is a beautiful crystal palace overlookinga beautiful, smaller lake. There were lovebirds at the steps ofthis marble pillars. He found us a private cove, overlooking thelake, but set back a little from other passerbys.

I was engrossed in looking at the swans, and ducks.There is a miniature ladder for the ducks to walk over from waterto land. There was this one particular duck that was having troublegetting over. I commented on how stupid this one duck was, and askedchris to look. "Honey, look at this duck. Why doesn’t he justfly over?" Chris wasn’t responding. I turned around. That waswhen he was on his knee. He started to say how he loves me morethan anyone in this world. That he will take care of me for therest of my days. I envisioned me crying when Chris proposed andso did he. I was speechless and was in a state of shock. I neversaid Yes. Chris knew I was in a state of shock and didn’t say anything.He did grab for my hand (it was in my jacket) and slid the ringon. After I came out of it, I said, "Honey, I never said yes."I was still in a state of shock from being in Madrid, that I neverquite got over it. And then, to get a proposal.

Van Kim Nguyen,
Chelmsford, MA


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