2) The Promise of a Return

The place where I grew up was a place that most people never leave. Growing up there was full of advantages and disadvantages all the same. When I rolled into my teenage years the only thing I could think about was striking out on my own. After years of preparation, high school graduation loomed in the horizon, and I sat back relaxing in the security of knowing that soon, I would be at a college in a big city that would constantly be filled with adventure and excitement, unlike here. While in my state of relaxation I took up acting in the local theatre. A production of Little Women rolled around, and I found myself, auditioning for yet something else to kill the time left.

That’s when she entered my life. She walked in, a little shy at first, but quickly warming up to the crowd. I turned towards her, and she shot a smile towards me. As she did my heart went all a flutter and that was it for us. We spent the rest of the summer in a blissful state that could only be rivaled by the raptures of frolicking through that of heaven, until fall reared its ugly head, and threatened to take me away from her. The night before my departure, we drove out to an old field, and laid across the hood of my car, starring up into the stars.

She turned to me and started to cry, thinking of my departure. I looked into those tear stained eyes and promised her that I would do everything in my power to return to her every chance I had. The rest of the night was spent holding each other under the stars. While gone I spent every moment thinking of her, about how far away from me she felt. At night, I would lay in my dorm room and dream only of her loving face. Eventually winter came and I had my baby once again, but this time, leaving was harder for me. The drive back was more painful than the first. Then one night, while lying awake after a small fight we had, I felt the strongest sense of fear I have ever experienced in my life, I realized that one day she could become conscious of how much better she could do than me.

After months of saving, and plotting I showed up back in town to surprise her. We went out and ate, while catching up on what had happened in days past with us apart. Afterward, as it grew dark, we drove back out to the place we were the night before I left. Again, we lay on the hood of my car starring at the stars hand in hand. We both smiled as I grew nervous with what I was about to say. I pulled her closer, to where her head laid gently across my chest and told her just how much she meant to me, that I truly loved her with all my heart. I told her about that night months before when we bickered, how scared it left me, scared of a future that could possibly not include her. She looked back up at me and told me that she didn’t plan on going anywhere.

I smiled and told her good as I sat up quickly. "Rachel," I said, "I have a question to ask you." I stood up and told her that though now we may go through rough times with me being away constantly, that through it all I intended to be true to her. I told her that I didn’t have much, but I had every intention of giving her the world. I told her that though the engagement would be long, that given the opportunity I would marry and cherish her. She looked at me and smiled. With that, I fell to one knee and asked her if she would be my bride. With tears swelling to her eyes and a giant smile on her face. "Yes." she replied, as she jumped from the car in to my arms. I slid the ring I saved for on to her hand, telling her that as soon as I could, I would buy her the most beautiful ring I could. Ever since we have been happily waiting for that glorious wedding day.

Proposal Story By:

William Brandon

Manchester, TN



The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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