2) The Buoy

Me and my boyfriend of almost 6 years had always taken day trips to Napa or San Francisco, but we very rarely took big vacations, so it surprised me when in March he booked a week long trip to Orlando, FL for June. Our trip was planned to be Discovery Cove, which is a dolphin interaction park, Busch Gardens and Disney World, although my boyfriend David wasn’t a huge planner, I didn’t suspect a thing. We’re at Discovery Cove and they had scheduled out dolphin interaction for 9:45 in the morning so we grabbed some breakfast and we heading down to the lagoon, we spent about 30 minutes with our small group riding on our dolphin Dixie’s back and petting her belly and then it was over before I knew it.

As I was about to get out of the lagoon the trainer says that one of our photos didn’t come out and she’d like me and David to come back to retake the picture, so I agree. After we take our picture she says that it’s a treat for the dolphins to play with toys after they’re done "working" so when she asks me if I’ll help I excitingly agree. She directs me to point at another trainer across the lagoon and Dixie swims off to grab her buoy toy, she retrieves it and quickly swims back, the entire time I’m following this bright white toy under water. As she surfaces right in front of me I notice that her buoy has writing on it, and as I’m silently read it, David hugs me from behind and asks me, "Will you marry me?" which is the same message on the buoy.

Now, swimming with the dolphins was a huge moment for me because I’ve wanted to do it for so long, but this was amazing! I began to cry and I hugged him so tightly because I felt like I was going to explode, I quickly gathered enough courage to allow him to look at my puffy eyes and I said "yes!" Well, the whole thing wasn’t over yet, the staff walked us over to a private beach and there was my ring in a treasure box, David got down on one knee and explained how much I meant to him and how I have made things happen for him that he never thought possible, he slipped a beautiful princess cut diamond ring on my finger and then it was time for the final part of the engagement. We then were walked over to a private cabana where David had long-stemmed roses, truffles, champagne, custom flutes and picture frames for all the beautiful pictures that the staff had just taken of our engagement, this was by far the most amazing and heartfelt moment ever.

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