2) Our Love Is Locked Up On Angel Island

Life is a journey of faith. It was this faith that led me to finding the love of my life. On December 10th, 2006 Jeff proposed to me on Angel Island overlooking the San Francisco Bay. We hiked to the top of Angel Island where we found a sunny place for a picnic. After lunch, we walked over to a view point that had a 360 degree view of San Francisco. Jeff surprised me and got down on one knee, took out a ring, and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes!

Jeff had another surprise for me. Jeff had brought along a small metal lock that I had bought a few years ago the summer I taught English in China. I had told Jeff the story how engaged or married couples go to the top of Huangshan Mountain in China and buy a special lock that has their names and the date engraved on it. The couples then lock it to the fence at the mountain top, and throw the keys over the mountain side to symbolize locking up their love to each other forever.

I brought the lock back from China with only my name engraved on the lock since I did not yet know who my soul mate was going to be. At the time I bought this lock I remember reflecting on my journey of love. I knew in my heart that eventually I would find my husband but at the same time I felt a little empty knowing that true love had not yet come my way. I held onto the lock tightly in my hands and embraced my vision of knowing that someday I would find the man that completely adored me with all of his heart. I grasped the lock tight knowing that faith and trust would guide my way.

On top of this beautiful mountain at Angel Island Jeff opened his hand and there in the palm of his hand was the lock I had brought back from China. Tears rolled down my face as I looked at the lock and noticed that Jeff had engraved his name on the lock along with the date we got engaged. I was overwhelmed with emotion knowing that for so long I embraced with all my heart that I would someday find that perfect person for me. The lock represents that journey of faith that I embraced with all my heart and it represents the commitment that Jeff and I will share for a lifetime.

Jeff and I walked hand and hand with the lock and searched for the perfect place on Angel Island where we could lock it. With only seconds to spare, we jogged down the trail all the way to the ferry docks to catch the last ride back to Tiburon. As the ferry pulled away, we threw the keys to the lock into San Francisco Bay. Our hearts and love locked together forever!

Proposal Story By:

Hope Hansen

San Jose, CA




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