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Every girl has her own fantasy of the perfect marriage proposal. When that moment came for me, I would have never guessed it would happen in a mall.

My long-time sweetheart of three years, Johnny, who had just returned from the mall one evening, picked me up for dinner a long day of work and class. He asked if we could return to the mall prior to dinner to pick up a photo he had framed which was ready for pick-up.

Once in the mall, we made our way to pick up the “photo” and as we walked past a diamond center, he made a quick detour into the store saying, “Wait–let’s stop here quickly. I want to show you something I saw when I was in here earlier looking for a watch.” As we approached, the sales representative, Heather, was cleaning the display case. She glanced in our direction and said, “I’ll be out of your way in just a second”.

When Heather stepped aside, Johnny pointed to a dazzling ring displayed inside the showcase. I remember innocently thinking, that is just how I pictured my engagement ring. A single princess cut diamond solitaire mounted on a knife-cut platinum band. Simple but elegant. The label in front of the setting read, “NEW: Daly Princess Cut Diamond”. I responded in amazement, “Hey–that’s spelled just like my name!”

Johnny echoed, “I know. Isn’t that weird?!?” I thought it was only a coincidence that the setting had the same name as mine. (Daly is more common as a last name so I didn’t think much of it).

Just then Heather piped in, “Yep, that’s our new Daly Princess Cut Diamond” pronouncing the name as “Dolly”. I was taken aback when she pronounced it like my name. (Most people pronounce “Daly” like “daily” or like “dilly-dally”.

There was clue #1: Not only was this setting spelled the same as my name, it was also pronounced the same but again I genuinely thought it was a coincidence.

Oblivious to the impending event, I inquired about the name of the setting and Heather explained that it was the perfect princess cut and there are only a few of those stones in the world. I justified to her that the guy who perfected that cut must have named it after himself.

Then Heather suggested I sit down to try the ring on and handed the solitaire to me. I hesitantly took a seat knowing we still had errands to run before dinner and slipped on the ring. It was a perfect fit.

I still had not caught on although I was bewildered that the ring was my size but I simply thought it was just another coincidence.

Johnny, who was still standing (his usual cue that we are not staying long so he’s not going to get comfortable); asked Heather the typical questions of a casual buyer. After answering several of his questions, Heather finally offered to show us the EGL certificate as she moved away from the counter saying, Why don’t you guys wait here and I will go get it.

Then Johnny asked, “Just curious, how much is the ring?”

Heather (occupied as she had just walked away) called back to us, “The price is under the box if you guys want to look.”

I honestly didn’t even want to know the price of this gorgeous ring but, since I was closer to the box than Johnny, cautiously picked up the box to view the price tag.

I automatically read from the bottom of the box without thought to what I was reading, “Daly, Will you marry me? Love, John.” Clue #3. But the message I had just read did not even register!

Instead I was thinking–"aha!" another coincidence’ when I noticed the names Daly and John (never mind the message in between the names). I declared observantly, “Hey, hon–the names are just like ours!!” as I turned to look up at Johnny.

That’s when I noticed his eyes were watering and he appeared to be trembling. I did a double-take looking at the message on the box and back at him. At that moment, the meaning of the message finally sank in, I realized—OH MY GOD, HE IS PROPOSING TO ME!!!

I abruptly burst into tears as he got down on his knees and asked the question again. Through my shock and tears of joy, I was dumbfounded and stammered a “yes” in response to his inquiry–“I take that (my tears of joy) as a ‘yes’?” as we hugged and cried.

The place fell silent as strangers around us realized what had just happened. Cheers and congratulatory affirmations followed as they joined in the celebration of our good news.

Meanwhile, the cunning Heather was shooting away with her newly revealed camera–capturing the moment of revelation.

There I was with the only man I had dreamt of spending the rest of my life with, the perfect ring, the perfect proposal. Weeks of research and numerous rehearsals, my scheming sweetheart proposed in the most perfect way beyond my wildest imaginations!

Proposal Story By:

Daly Sorvongsavanh 

Las Vegas, NV


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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